Who Is Tyson Ndongozi Ottawa? Age Wiki And Parents Nationality

Who Is Tyson Ndongozi Ottawa? South African Man Shot To Death

Who Is Tyson Ndongozi Ottawa? South African Man Shot To Death

Who is Tyson Ndongozi aka Ottawan Homicide Victim? Get an insight into his family and Wiki.

Canada has witnessed its 10th homicide victim in 2021 alone. This time, the person was identified as a gentle giant and promising athlete, Tyson Ndongozi. His family had come to Canada in hopes of a better future.

However, Tyson’s untimely demise has put them into utter pain. 

Who Is Tyson Ndongozi Ottawa?

Tyson Ndongozi was shot to death in Ottawa. 

On the late-night of June 4, 2021, the Ottawa police were called after the residents heard gunshots. When the officers reached Beausoleil Drive and York Street area, they found two victims of a suspected homicide.

One of them was young Tyson Ndongozi, aka Tyson Loris. He was discovered fatally shot and pronounced dead shortly after. 

Ndongozi was 20 years old of age.

According to his father, Jooris, Tyson had gone out to play basketball. Sadly, he never came back home. On the other hand, the other victim of the shooting is in stable conditions right now. The medics expect the 20 years old man to live. 

Tyson Ndongozi Wiki Explored

Tyson Ndongozi doesn’t have a Wiki page yet.

But, Tyson did have a Facebook profile with over 3.9k friends. In fact, Tyson was very popular as a rising football star in the school. He attended the Samuel Genest, high school in Ottowa, known as “Mr. Pancake.”

Apparently, Ndongozi could pancake anyone on the football field with his stature.

Moreover, the young athlete was thrilled to play football in coming August. He was recently accepted to Notre-Dame Division I football program on scholarship.

Tyson had even announced the news among his Facebook friends. 

Meet Tyson Ndongozi Parents and Nationality

Tyson Ndongozi’s parents are immigrants from Burundi.

Similarly, his nationality is actually Burundian.

Ndongozi’s family had fled to Canada from Bujumbura, Burundi, nearly 4 years ago. Jooris explained that he wanted a better life for his children following the civil war in Burundi. Now, he is demanding to punish the culprit behind his son’s death. 

His ethnicity and background are South African. In fact, South African presenter Styles Derrick expressed his sorrow on Facebook following Tyson’s demise. On the other hand, details on his religion scarce for now. 

We send out thoughts and prayers to the friends and family of late Tyson. May his soul find peace in heaven. Thank You. 

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