Who Is Wendy Renee Young? Dr Death Wife Kids And Family

Was Wendy Renee Young Married To Dr Death? Wife And Family

Was Wendy Renee Young Married To Dr Death? Wife And Family

Wendy Renee Young never became Dr Death wife. But they had two kids together. Get to know more.

Wendy was the partner of Christopher Duntsch aka Dr. Death. Christopher received a life sentence in 2017.

Was Wendy Renee Young Dr Death Wife?

Wendy Renee Young was not Dr Death’s wife.

Of course, the two were involved in a romantic relationship for a while. But they never tied knots with each other.

Young and Duntsch met in a bar in Memphis, Tennessee in 2011. The two were attracted to each other instantly after Chris bought her a drink at the bar.

As a matter of fact, Renee was 27 years old while Chris was 40 when they first met. They became close in no time causing them to move in together after dating for three months.

But Young later found her partner was cheating with her. He was having a romantic relationship with his assistant Kimberly Morgan

In fact, Chris had even told Morgan that his relationship with Wendy was nothing more than a friendship. Soon, Wendy separated from Dr Death.

Wendy Renee Young Kids and Family

Wendy Renee Young and Dr Death had two kids together.

Young became pregnant for the first time in the third month of their relationship. They were living together when they had their first son Aiden.

Wendy and Christopher lived with their family near Baylor Regional Medical Center. They had a five-bedroom house.

Later, Wendy became pregnant with her second child in late 2013 when Chris lost his medical license. She had her second son Preston in September 2014.

Where is Wendy Renee Young Now? Dr. Death Documentary

Wendy Renee Young is now living a single life as per her Facebook bio.

Young is quite active on Facebook where she posts frequently. 

Besides, Wendy works as an NBC consultant at the moment. Her profile reveals she joined the profession in June 2020.

Furthermore, Young has a third child with her unnamed partner. But we are not sure where she lives as of now.

On the other hand, Dr. Death is the name of the podcast based on Christopher’s life story. It is streaming on Peacock since July 15 of 20221.

As per Death’s latest case update, he is at the OB Ellis Unit outside Huntsville. Also, he won’t have parole until 2045.

Wendy Renee Wikipedia and Net Worth

Wendy Renee does not have a Wikipedia bio of her own.

Actually, she is mentioned on Christopher’s Wikipedia page. Besides, we have no clear idea of Young’s net worth.

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