Who Is Whit Fraser? Mary Simon Husband and Children Names Revealed

Who Is Whit Fraser? Mary Simon Husband And Children

Who Is Whit Fraser? Mary Simon Husband And Children

Whit Fraser is a journalist and media personality. Mary Simon and her husband Fraser share three children.

Find Canadian diplomat Mary Simon’s husband Whit’s Wikipedia biography here.

Whit Fraser: Who Is Mary Simon Husband?

Whit Fraser is Mary Simon’s life partner. In fact, Fraser is her husband from her third marriage.

To point out, Fraser and Simon married in 1994. It is not clear how and when the two met each other for the first time.

Actually, Mary was married two times before she met Whit. She had tied knots with her first partner Robert Otis in March 1967.

Soon, Simon ended the relationship with Robert and married George Simon. It seems the former broadcaster kept the surname of her second marriage.

Talking about Mary’s career, she has worked as a broadcaster, civil servant, and diplomat. She is currently the Governor-General of Canada.

In fact, Simon took over the Governor’s office on July 26, 2021. She succeeds Julie Payette under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

She was a leading role in the negotiation during the creation of the Arctic Council. Later, she worked as the Canadian Ambassador to Denmark for around three years.

Likewise, Mary was a broadcaster before joining civil service. She worked at CBC Northern Service as a producer and announcer.

Whit Fraser Children Names Revealed

Whit Fraser shares three children with his wife Mary. To point out, they have two sons and a daughter.

The family shares an Indigenous background. Fraser has a North Canadian origin where his parents and family lived.

Besides, Fraser is yet to have his children’s names revealed. There is not much information available about them on the internet.

Also, it is not clear when their kids were born. Likewise, we have no clue where they are and what they are doing as of now.

Whit and his family reside in Ottawa. Interestingly, Simon’s parents had eight kids altogether of whom she is the second eldest.

Whit Fraser Wikipedia Biography

Whit Fraser is a journalist and an author. Also, he formerly served as the head of the Canadian Polar Commission. 

Fraser does not have a Wikipedia biography as of now. Meanwhile, he has his name mentioned on the Wikipedia bio of his spouse Mary.

Whit’s age is over 70 years old based on his appearance and personality. He has also served as an executive director of CBC.

Fraser’s net worth and earning details are yet to be explored.

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