Who Is Widow Von Du Boyfriend Name? Assault And Charges

Drag Queen Widow Von Du Arrested For Domestic Violence: Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Drag Queen Widow Von Du Arrested For Domestic Violence: Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Widor Von Du punched his boyfriend leading to domestic assault charges. What is his boyfriend name? Let us learn more.

Von Du is an American drag performer.

She is known for competing on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12.

Widow Von Du Boyfriend Name: Her Dating Life

Widow Von Du’s boyfriend’s name is not released as of now.

Von Du has not revealed much about her boyfriend as of now. 

Apparently, her boyfriend broke into her home on Thursday night. And, she was furious to see him sleeping at her home. In addition, she was reportedly intoxicated at the time.

As a result, Widow beat her boyfriend by punching him on his face around 4-5 times. Then, she strangled him and dragged him across the floor. At last, she pushed him into a bed frame, leaving him bleeding.

To point out, Widow’s boyfriend became unconscious after the assault. Soon, he was able to run away to a hospital as soon as he was conscious.

Actually, he had to have 14 stitches during the treatment of his facial wounds.

Was Von Du Arrested? Her Assaults and Charges

Widow Von Du was arrested with domestic assault charges.

The Drage Race performer was arrested on Monday in Kansas City.

Furthermore, she was held for 24 hours in the Jackson County jail. Similarly, she was imposed with a $50 thousand bail

Actually, Von Du received charges of first and second-degree assaults. Later, the authorities released her on Tuesday after she paid $5000 of her bond.

Daily Mail reports she is under house arrest. Also, she is not allowed to contact the victim or any of the witnesses. Similarly, she is set to appear for a court hearing on June 7.

Von Du reportedly denied the accusations through his Instagram Live Video. The video is deleted as of now.

Von Du’s Partner: Is He Married?

Von Du’s partner accused him of domestic violence.

Not to mention, the Drag Race star has not married yet. Also, there is no clue about his previous partners.

Widow’s real name is Ray Fry.

He appeared on the 12th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race in the spring of 2020. He is 32 years of age at the moment.

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