Who Is Witness K? Find Real Name, Identity And Pictures

Who Is Spy Witness K? Find Real Name And Identity Revealed

Who Is Spy Witness K? Find Real Name And Identity Revealed

Who is Witness K? Catch us to grasp more about his real name and identity. We have got you covered.

The former spy pled guilty in the ACT Magistrates Court to conspiring to reveal classified information. K and his lawyer were charged with a single count of conspiring to share information protected by section 39 of ISA.

Recently, he got charged over his role in exposing Australia’s 2004 bugging of impecunious ally Timor-Leste.

Who Is Witness K?

Witness K is a former senior ASIS intelligence officer.

He is mostly known for leading the bugging operation, confidentially noted in 2012, the Australian Government had accessed top-secret, high-level discussions in Dili.

He has exploited this during negotiations of the Timor Sea Treaty.

The former senior spy had been charged with conspiring with his lawyer Bernard Collaery to reveal information about spying by Australia.

Find His Real Name

Witness K real name is yet to come to light.

Being associated with ASIS as a spy intelligence officer, there’s no question K will reveal his real name.

His lawyer, Haydn Carmichael, also supported the ongoing suppression of K’s real name in 2018.

The spy officer’s desire to be anonymous is also a practical solution to possible questions that might arise as to national security.

Witness K Identity And Pictures Revealed

Witness K identity is guarded closely.

So far now, Witness K likes to stay out of media attention. Therefore, he never quite reluctant to get vocal towards his life.

Witness K pictures are easily found on the Web.

Despite being a conspiring figure, K’s pictures are comfortable accessible. You all can go through his pictures on the Internet.

His Wikipedia Explored

Witness K Wikipedia is still out of sight.

Nonetheless, Witness K has been placed on Australia – East Timor spying scandal Wikipedia.

Also, he is making headlines across the globe. Thus, he is being a talking point for several leading media in recent times.

His Age: How Old?

Witness K age is speculated in the late 60s or early 70s.

Traversing his pictures, we’ve hypothesized him of that age.

We’re keeping an eye on updating the tab once it’s available.

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