Who is Yandere Dev? Age, Face Reveal, Net Worth, Reddit, Discord, Patreon

Yandere Dev

Yandere Dev

Who is Yandere Dev? Yandere Dev is a video game developer and a youtube star who uploads game building tips and streaming videos on Youtube. He is best known for developing the video game, Yandere Simulator. The game revolves around the story of a girl who stalks a boy and eliminates his girlfriend still maintaining her innocent profile in high school. The game is quite addictive and hence, successful as well. 

Name Yandere Dev
Birthday June 30
Age 32
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession YouTube Star
Instagram yandere._.dev
Twitter YandereDev
Youtube Yandere Dev

Dev joined Youtube on April 5, 2014. To this day, the YouTuber has more than 2 million subscribers on the video networking platform. Also, his videos have acquired more than 450 million views. He is currently residing in California.

Yandere Dev gained a lot of fame when he developed Yandere Simulator in 2014. After all, there is a different kind of thrill in stalking and serial killing game, isn’t it? OR, Is it just me?

Moving on, here is everything you need to know about him. 

10 Facts on Yandere Dev

  1. Yandere Dev is an American video game developer and Youtuber known for his video game, Yandere Simulator. 
  2. As of 2020, Yandere Dev is 32 years old. He is currently residing in Los Angeles, California. 
  3. The developer did not face the camera for a long time. He recently revealed his face in 2019. 
  4. People are also unaware of his net worth. The success of the game is surely bound to elevate his earnings though. 
  5. You can find memes about Yandere Dev on Reddit. He shares some pretty funny memes himself.  
  6. Moving on, Yandere Dev is also present on Discord where he streams his content. 
  7. If you want to support and connect with the gamer, you can join his Patreon team. 
  8. Yandere Dev gained a lot of fame for his serial killing game, Yandere Simulator. He made it in 2014. 
  9. Furthermore, the guy has more than 2 million Youtube subscribers. 
  10. Despite not having a Wikipedia bio, Yandere Dev has a wiki on Fandom and many other websites. 


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