Who Is Yorkshire Shepherdess Married To?

Amanda Owen Age: How Old Is Yorkshire Shepherdess?

Amanda Owen Age: How Old Is Yorkshire Shepherdess?

If you watch Our Yorkshire Farm, you may know Amanda Owen and her children. The woman is as tough as you would expect. 

Amanda Owen is an English shepherd and writer. She is popular as a modern-day farmer from Yorkshire. Furthermore, Channel 5 featured her story in the docuseries Our Yorkshire Farm. 

Amanda Owen Children And Husband

Owen children are a total of 9 in numbers.

Amanda’s oldest child is Raven, who is the age of 17 years old. Similarly, her youngest child is Clemmie is around 2 years old. Similarly, her other children include Rueben, Annas, Miles, Voilet, Nancy, Sidney, and Edith. 

Amanda Owen husband is Clive.

Amanda was already a divorcee with two children when she met Clive in 1996. The young shepherd trainee instantly fell in love and tied the knot with Clive in 2000. On the other hand, the couple has 21 years of age gap.

Yorkshire Shepherdess Age and Bio

Amanda Owen age is 46 years old.

Amanda was born and raised in a town called Huddersfield in England. She has one sibling, and her mother is a former model. Furthermore, Amanda Owen stands at the height of 6 feet and 2 inches tall. 

As a young woman, Owen parents’ encouraged her to pursue a modeling career. However, Amanda left all of her luxuries to adopt a more traditional life in Upper Swaledale, Yorkshire. Now, she rears sheep, cattle, and horses on the hill. 

Her Life as The Yorkshire Shepherdess

Amanda Owen first gained popularity by sharing her lifestyle via her Twitter handle @AmandaOwen8. She is already verified on the social site with over 156.8k followers. Likewise, you can follow her on Instagram as @yorkshireshepherdess. 

Apart from TV, Owen is also a talented writer. She published her first book in 2015 titled The Yorkshire Shepherdess. Similarly, her other books include Tales from the Farm (2020) and Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess (2019).

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