Who Painted The Mona Lisa Meme? Da Vinci Twins Tik Tok

TikTok: Who Painted The Mona Lisa Meme?  Da Vinci Twins Tik Tok

TikTok: Who Painted The Mona Lisa Meme?  Da Vinci Twins Tik Tok

Who Painted The Mona Lisa? It’s a question that is answered by even third graders but a video regarding Monalisa is going viral right now on the internet. And this video is funny because the makers aren’t familiar with the painter of the Monalisa.

Instagram quizzes are getting really famous these days as people don’t have a lot to do. They have always been famous but the coronavirus pandemic really made them more prominent in pop culture.

As many people take part in Instagram quizzes, these twins from Canada also took part in a quiz that had really simple questions. They were both unintentionally hilarious at answering the questions that they became internet sensations overnight. Here is what we know about Mona Lisa Meme trends on TikTok.

“Who Painted The Mona Lisa?” Meme

Who painted the MonaLisa? Leonardo Da Vinci. That’s an answer we have been learning from childhood. It has got to be the most famous painting in the world. I don’t want to explain how much MonaLisa is iconic and culturally significant but recently, it has proven to be a meme material as well.

This video has been going viral on the internet. People are tweeting out this video and those posts are getting shared even more.

This has got to be one of the funniest videos I have seen. First of all, they don’t know who painted Monalisa and when the quiz gives them the answer “DaVinci”, they were both really surprised who the hell that was and said in unison “Davinki”.

Right now, there are videos all over the internet with the hashtag “#Davinki”.

Davinki Twins TikTok

DaVinki Twins are officially known as @vorostwins and they have an Instagram account as well as a TikTok account. They shared the video from their TikTok as well which got a total of 653 thousand likes.

They have 165 thousand followers on their Tiktok account. They are identical twins based in Vancouver, Canada. After the video became viral, many people made fun of them for not knowing who was the painter of Monalisa. However, most of the people thought the video was really funny.

People are right now asking them to say Da Vinki again because when they say it, it’s funny. The twins know that people would love another hilarious video from them. Therefore, they are starting to make videos centered around “Da Vinki”


Reply to @user40899899 Everyone wants us to say DA VINKI again ##fyp ##foryoupage ##twins

♬ no…. SIKE – bradeazy

They might upload new videos where they are answering other questions and hopefully, they all will be as funny as DaVinki meme.

They have uploaded other quizzes where they were clueless about some other basic easy questions. All f them are funny but the Davinki one has really been the most famous one.

Look at this video where they are answering quiz about Disney’s “The Lion King”. It’s funny but not as funny as Davinki meme.

DaVinki Twins Bio

DaVinki twins are also known as Voros twins. They are identical twins who are professional wrestlers. They play tag team wrestling and make content centered around that as well.


We’re the best twin tag team on tiktok! ##twins ##fyp ##wrestling ##wwe ##aew

♬ Buttercup – Jack Stauber


They are very funny off-camera as well which is a big plus point because they have been able to garner fans on their social media recently. Their full names are Chris Voros and Patrick Voros. I really can’t tell them apart because they are just so identical.

They have 29.3 thousand followers on their Instagram account. They share their daily routine with their fans and I have to say, they have a lot of fun.

Whether it’s traveling or fighting or even a silly quiz, they always make it funny. Because of that reason, people are flocking to their Instagram and I think they deserve success as well.

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