Who Was Lucille Bridges? Cause Of Death, Age, Ruby Bridges Mother, Husband

Lucille Bridges Death: How Did She Die? Facts On Ruby Bridges’ Mother

Lucille Bridges Death: How Did She Die? Facts On Ruby Bridges’ Mother

Lucille Bridges was the mother of the civil rights icon Ruby Bridges, who was the first African-American child to study in an all-White school, the William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans. Ruby’s enrollment in the school started the battle to end segregation. 

The late Lucille had to fight against segregation and death threats on a daily basis but passed away from cancer on November 10, 2020. She held Ruby’s hand as they were escorted by US Marshalls into the school protecting them from the bigotry that surrounded them. 

Name Lucille Bridges
Birthday 1934 (approx)
Age 86 (at time of death)
Gender Female
Nationality American
Parents Curtis Commadore and Amy Commadore
Husband Abon Bridges (died 1978)
Education 8th grade educaiton

10 Facts About Lucille Bridges

  1. Lucille Bridges’s cause of death as mentioned above was cancer, her age at the time of death was 86 years old. 
  2. She was a civil rights pioneer and icon, best-known as Ruby Bridges’ mother. Ruby was the first black student to enroll her daughter in the all-White William Frantz Elementary School in the 1960s during the time of segregation. 
  3. The late icon had to face death threats and hate daily at the time but fought through all of it to accompany her daughter to her school. 
  4. She and her daughter were blocked by two city police officers from entering the school, but the Marshalls interfered and she was integrated into the school. 
  5. Ruby was born to Lucille on September 8, 1954, and is 66 years old in 2020. She is a civil rights advocate, public speaker, and philanthropist. 
  6. Lucile Bridges’ husband, Abon Bridges, passed away around 42 years before she did in 1978. 
  7. Although Lucile accompanied her daughter for the initial integration process, she had to stay behind to look after her other children and family.
  8. She later recalled being anxious all throughout the day until her daughter walked into the house. 
  9. Lucile also recalls a White woman threatening to poison Ruby. 
  10. The animosity on the first day of integration was so bad that Ruby could not attend her class until the second day. 



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