Who Was Paige Hilken North Coast Church? Death Cause

Who Was Paige Hilken North Coast Church? Death Cause

Who Was Paige Hilken North Coast Church? Death Cause

Paige Hilken was the wife of the teacher and pastor of North Coast Church. Learn more about her death cause and more.

Her husband’s profession and reputation mainly recognize Paige Hilken. Besides that, she also used to run a business named Hilken Homemades. 

She was also an internet influencer or entrepreneur and shared her home remedies for various purposes on her different social media platforms. To this date, she had managed her profile as a proud mother, a loyal wife, and a super religious woman. 

Besides her job as an ideal religious wife, she had also managed to work on her business and social media, as we can see many people interested in her ideas. 

Recently, her passing news has shattered us. 

Who Was Paige Hilken North Coast Church?

Paige Hilken was the wife of the teacher and pastor of the North Coast Church. Her husband was teaching pastor Christopher Hilken. 

He runs the young adults program. His primary value or passion of his life is to see lives changing through a new identity in Christ.

Paige was grown up in Northern California and currently was living in Oceanside, CA. She was a graduate of Concordia University.

Besides her husband’s identity, Paige was also a businesswoman and a proud mother. She used to run a business called Hilken Homemades, where she shared various homemade remedies for multiple purposes. 

Moreover, she specialized in giving instructions on motherhood, relationship, and a religious household. As she said, her life sums up with food, she used to share food recipes on her social media platforms. 

Before her marriage to Christopher, she was a Softball National Champion from Concordia University South Carolina. 

Death Cause: How Did She Die?

The recent death news of Paige Hilken has saddened all of us. The young and pretty lady passed away at a very young age.

Her family might be in a great tragedy right now. Christopher Hilken and five minor children had encountered what they should not have. 

The tragic death news is heating the internet. However, no cause is revealed yet. Also, there is no obituary published yet. 

Paige Hilken Died at a Young Age

Paige Hilken was barely 30 years old aged when she died. She was 19 years old when she got married to Christopher in 2013. 

As of 2021, her age was 27 years old. We can not find her birthday as she has not shared it right now. 

Meet Her Family

Paige Hilken was a family person. She was a wife and mother of 5.

Her husband was the teaching pastor of North Coast Church, Christopher Hilken. There is not much information about her family on the internet. 

As mentioned in her self-named website, her parents are from a small family community in Northern California.

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