Why Did Jeff Wittek Go To Jail? Arrest And Charges Update

Why Did Jeff Wittek Go To Jail? Accident And Charges Explained

Why Did Jeff Wittek Go To Jail? Accident And Charges Explained

Jeff Wittek has talked several times about his arrest and jail to his fans. There are several allegations made against him on social media.

Amid the appearance of Jeff Wittek in the H3H3 podcast on March 21,  people are calling out Jeff Wittek and his Vlog Squad on Twitter and other social media as several allegations were placed on them.

Wittek finally addressed the Vlog Squad drama on Durte Dom’s official YouTube Channel.

Why did Jeff Wittek Go To Jail?

Jeff Wittek was arrested in 2011 on the charge of dealing and possessing drugs. His bail bond was $61,000, which led him to spend few months at Wayside LA County. 

Jeff opened up about his time in the prison on his former inmate, Joe Vulpis’ YouTube channel ‘Ugh It’s Joe’. They gave insight into their prison time through this video. They talked about the prison food, fights and fear, and the job they were assigned to do for earning money.

Jeff has always been vocal about his jail time, as he has appeared on Joe’s YouTube channel multiple times to talk about this topic.

Jeff Wittek Accident Explored On Video

In the YouTube video “My Truth,” uploaded on Jeff’s official Youtube Channel, the YouTuber shared pictures of him undergoing eye surgeries. He did not elaborate on exactly what happened but disclosed that his injury was due to an accident. The accident took place in June 2020. 

Jeff took to Instagram on June 30, 2020, to inform his fans about the accident. He wrote about breaking his face and skull in few places. Jeff took a break from social media for some time after the accident. 

On June 25, 2020, just 5 days before the accident, Jeff announced that he was working on a new project and assured his fans that they to get to see the content soon. It is not known what the new project was as it was not released due to his accident.

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