Why Does TikTok Keeps Crashing? Why is TikTok Not Working? What Happened To Tik Tok App Today

Why Does TikTok Keeps Crashing? Why is TikTok Not Working? What Happened To Tik Tok App Today?

Why Does TikTok Keeps Crashing? Why is TikTok Not Working? What Happened To Tik Tok App Today?

Why Does Tikttok Keep Crashing? For die-hard Tiktok users, TikTok crash is almost like a mini heart attack? So, what’s the issue here?

TikTok Crashes are just disheartening and can be very irritating. Teenagers are really losing it when Tiktok keeps on crashing and they can’t make their videos and have a good time like they wanted to. What can one do to make their Tiktok back to work? There are lots of discussions happening on this topic right now and I am also going to talk about it.

The thing with the TikTok crashes is that it could happen at any time and some people might be facing this problem more than others. Regardless of whether it happens frequently or just occasionally, it’s very irritating. I know it’s not a problem some people would call major but even minor things need to be solved. We can’t say this is a minor problem and that’s why just get over it.

Why Does TikTok Keep Crashing?

Occasionally, Tiktok users wake up to news like this and I am sure that could be scary to hear that an app that is almost a source of your livelihood to some and entertainment has vanished. However, most of the time, the app doesn’t vanish like smoke in the air. It’s just a practical problem.

A while back, people were unable to access Tiktok across Europe, and in the past, users have had a problem uploading their videos on TikTok. 

But a problem has occurred in September 2020 and people on Twitter are sharing pictures of them being unable to use TikTok.

This tweet was made on September 10, which means Tiktok is having a problem working right now in many parts of the globe.

The reasons for these kinds of problems can be just simple. When we upload videos on Tiktok, they have to be stored in servers, and sometimes those servers could be facing issues and performance might be lagging. 

Moreover, traffic on the internet also could cause the app to crash. Some crashes are more problematic than others but if we have looked at the past, Tiktok has always maintained the crashed and made sure that the app is back for the users to use.

Why is TikTok Not Working?

Tiktok is definitely not working in many parts across the globe right now. There were tweets from people complaining about the crash. So far, the officials from the TikTok haven’t said a thing about it but I am sure this issue will be seen to.

According to this site, Tiktok is down right now and they show a live feed of people complaining about it. So, far 124 reports have been filed in the last 20 minutes and that just shows how much people are concerned with the TikTok crash.

Some people are thinking that Tiktk is banned. that’s why it could be crashing. After all, it is an option that could be explainable as Trump had threatened to ban Tiktok a while back. But we don’t really know because none of the official and trustworthy sources have said anything. Even TikTok hasn’t made any statements about this issue yet.

What Happened To TikTok App Today?

After Tiktok kept on crashing some of the users did what they have to normally do. This user had even cleared his cache and hoped the TikTok was going to work but apparently, it still didn’t work.

People are frustrated at this issue and I can understand where they are coming from. If your source of entertainment went down, it would be pretty concerning for you. Moreover, if you have lots of followers, it’s even more of a problem for you.

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