Why Is Kyrsten Sinema Limping? Disability Or Leg Injury

Why Is Kyrsten Sinema Limping? Is It A Disability Or Leg Injury?

Why Is Kyrsten Sinema Limping? Is It A Disability Or Leg Injury?

Why is Kyrsten Sinema limping? Here is everything you must know about her disability or leg injury. 

Professionally, Krysten is a politician and social worker. Since January 3, 2019, she has been serving as the United States Senator from Arizona.

Previously, she served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Arizona’s 9th district. Also, she had served as the Arizona Senate from the 15th district.

Why Is Kyrsten Sinema Limping?

Kyrsten Sinema started limping after returning home from a marathon she ran in Washington.

Immediately, the media spotted her limping. Many of her followers were curious to know what happened.

Athletics is a risky sport to participate in, and if you haven’t trained well, you might suffer serious injuries.

Earlier this month, Sinema had participated in the Light At The End Of The Tunnel Marathon. Unfortunately, she didn’t finish the race and returned home quickly.

Well, she hadn’t participated in any marathons since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Via her Instagram post, she revealed that she had broken her leg while running under a tunnel.

Does Kyrsten Sinema Have A Disability?

No official reports are suggesting Kyrsten Sinema having a disability.

However, she had co-sponsored legislation called Working Parents Flexibility Act in 2016. According to her Wikipedia, the legislation has helped people with disabilities by allowing ABLE accounts to them.

If you have been confused regarding her recent lumping, let us clarify a minor leg injury. Thus, we can confirm that Sinema hasn’t got a disability.

After her recent injury, Kyrsten’s family has been worried about her. Probably, she received a take care message from her former husband, Blake Dai too.

Kyrsten Sinema Leg Injury And Health Update

Kyrsten Sinema sustained a leg injury while running in a dark tunnel during the marathon.

After almost an hour, she realized that she wouldn’t make it till the end. Nevertheless, she showed her support to other marathon runners who all finished the race.

Speaking about Sinema’s health update, she is doing well now. However, she wants to run another marathon as soon as possible.

Moreover, we can confirm that her injuries will not deter her from running marathons in the future. Thus, she is excited to participate in the upcoming Boston Marathon with her friends.

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