Why was Navid Afkari executed? Age, Parents, Girlfriend, Career 2019

Navid Afkari

Navid Afkari

Why was Navid Afkari executed? On September 12, 2020, the world heard the execution of a famous wrestler, Navid Afkari by an Iranian Government. Although this was sad news for the sports community, the execution was justice for Iranian people as he committed murder during the 2018 Iranian protest.

Even though he had fame and money, the execution is a perfect example of justice. Many Human rights protest for his imprisonment and they consider the execution as inhuman behavior by the Iranian Government.

Name Navid Afkari
Birthday 1993
Age 27 years
Gender Male
Nationality Iranian
Profession Wrestler
Parents Hossein Afkari and Bahien Namjoo
Siblings Habib Afkari and Vahid Afkari
Married/Single Single

You might be surprised to hear that his brothers are also behind the bars. Navid Afkari had 2 brothers, Vahid and Habib and they were also sent to prison for 54 years and 27 years respectively for the same case. Talking about his professional career, as a wrestler he was a national champion. His name and fame went in vain as he murdered the water and Sewage security agent, Hasan Turkman.

10 facts on Navid Afkari

  1. Navid Afkari was at the age of 27 years when he was executed. Navid Afkari’s year of birth was 1993 and nothing has been mentioned about his birthday.
  2. Navid’s family included 2 brothers and parents. His two brothers, Habib and Vahid are in prison.
  3. The national player, Navid Afkari was hanged and executed by Iranian as he murdered government officer, Hasan Turkman.
  4. Nothing has been stated on the Internet about his Girlfriend, so we can predict Navid was single when he was executed.
  5. Navid was born to his parents in Shiraz which is a beautiful place in Iran.
  6. Navid Afkari made the confession about the murder case a few weeks before his execution.
  7. The President of the United States also Twitted about the case and asked the Iranian government not to execute the athlete.
  8. Navid’s career as a wrestler was going smooth before the incident of murder. 
  9. Navid Afkari’s details are available on Wikipedia and other sites.
  10. Nothing has been stated about his net worth on the internet.

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