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Miguel Lamperti Age And Wiki: Is He Married?

Miguel Lamperti Age And Wiki: Is He Married?

Athlete Miguel Lamperti has been prominent in paddle despite his age. Learn about him on his Wikipedia.

Miguel Lamperti is an Argentine paddle player who currently holds the world ranking 27.

He is currently partnered with Arturo Coello and back in 2002 had been the no 1 player of Argentina. 

Miguel Lamperti Edad: Age And Wikipedia

Micheal Lamperti’s edad age is 42 years and he celebrates his birthday on November 11

He was born in the year 1978 in Bahia Blanca, Argentine

The athlete had maintained a strong physique, Miguel Lampetri’s height is 5 feet 11 inches tall. 

Miguel Lamperti has already been documented on Wikipedia. 

Brief information about his early life and career available.

Miguel Lamperti Wife and Family

Miguel Lampetri is married but details about his wife have not been disclosed yet. 

From the article, we have confirmed that the athlete is indeed married but unfortunately we do not know who she is yet. 

In 2004 he was dating a girl named Manuela but it seems they might have broken up, given the use of ex-girlfriend on the site. 

Miguel Lamperti has a really loving family and he was born as the youngest to his parents. 

His father was a mechanic, his mother was a housewife, and his older brothers used to spoil him.

The paddle player is often seen wearing a ring on his neck, he revealed that it was from his mother and he has never taken it off after her death. 

What is Miguel Lamperti’s Net Worth and Salary?

There is no information about Miguel Laperti’s net worth. 

As a renowned paddle player, it is not a doubt that he has accumulated much wealth and is living comfortably. 

For now, we have no idea what Miguel Lamerti’s salary and earnings are. 

Meet Miguel Lamperti on Instagram

The athlete is active on Instagram @lamperti.ml10 and has already been verified. 

He has over 87.2k followers so far and he mostly posts pictures of him playing with his play partner, Arturo Coello.

Likewise, he is also active on Twitter @Miguel_Lamperti with 34.3k people following him. 

His Facebook profile @lamperti.ml10 has also been verified and has more than 40k people following him.

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