Wife Family Details On Coinbase Founder

What Is Fred Ehrsam Net Worth? His Salary And Family Discussed

What Is Fred Ehrsam Net Worth? His Salary And Family Discussed

Being a co-founder of Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, people are wondering about Fred Ehrsam net worth. Let’s find out at this article.

Fred Ehrsam was born Frederick Ernest Ehrsam III is an American business executive who is promptly known as the co-founder of Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. 

He is also an investor who is currently managing director of cryptocurrency investment firm Paradigm. Moreover, he has also remained a Trader at Goldman Sachs.

Prior to that, Ehrsam also served at Self-assembling DNA Nanostructures Research at Duke University.

Fred Ehrsam Net Worth And Salary Explored

Fresh Ehrsam net worth is around $1.9 Billion as of 2021.

According to Forbes, she sits at the position of 1664 on the chart of the richest person in the world. Having a multi-million company, Fred has earned a huge sum of money through his business career.

Well, Fred Ehrsam salary is certainly not fixed.

Being a top-rated businessman, Ehrsam salary details must be huge but not fixed.

Fred Ehrsam Wife: Is He Married?

Fred Ehrsam wife is still out of sight.

We’re even yet to confirm Fred Ehrsam is married or not. Maybe, Fred is so concerned about his business career. Thus, Fred has neither shared nor spoken about his marital status.

Ehrsam lives in San Fransico.

Fred Ehrsam Family Uncovered

So far now, Fred Ehrsam family details are yet to come to light.

There is no admissible information about his family on the web. Thus, we’re unknown of his parents and their identity.

Also, it is unknown if Fred is a single child or has siblings.

Everything on Coinbase Founder

Coinbase Founder Fred Ehrsam was born in Concord, Massachusetts, which belongs to him to an American nationality.

He graduated from the Duke University and worked as a foreign exchange trader before starting Coinbase.

Growing up, he has also played thousands of hours of WOrld of Warcraft, where he first learned about the in-game digital currencies concept.

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