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Ezio Scaglione Wikipedia: Everything To Know About

Ezio Scaglione Wikipedia: Everything To Know About

Ezio Scaglione has a Wikipedia page under his name.

Ezio Scaglione is also recognized as Ezio Scaglione, Prince of San Giorgio, H.H., the Chevalier, Grand Commander. He is also known as a prince of the island of Navaza. He is also a former ordinary of the Italian disclose of the Old Catholic Church in the Republic of Poland.

Ezio also worked at the Leonardo Marin-Saavedra University. Along with this, he also served at Military Order And Hospital Of San Lazzaro Di Jerusalemme- Malta. Currently, Ezio lives in Turin, Italy, and he also has some working experience at Principato di Navaza.

Is Ezio Married? Wife And Family

Ezio Scaglione’s wife’s name hasn’t been revealed yet.

Ezio Scaglione has kept his personal life very secretive. However, looking at his professional career, it is like an open book. Ezio Scaglione’s family information and his personal bio are undercovers till now.

Likewise, he is secretive when it comes to parents and family.

Ezio Scaglione: Net Worth And Professional Life

Takayan’s net worth has not been made public yet.

Looking at the popularity gained by Ezio Scaglione, he must have a handsome income and satisfying net worth. However, his net worth could be estimated around millions. 

Ezio is a native of Alexandra and studied theology at Virginia Theological Seminary. Ezio claims to be head of his very own ‘Sovereign State,’ which has its own President, Parliament, High Court, and National Assembly.

Quick Facts:

Name Ezio Scaglione
Birthday July 22, 1961
Age 59
Gender Male
Nationality Italian
Facebook Ezio Scaglione

Some Interesting Facts on Ezio Scaglione

    1. Ezio Scaglione was born on July 22, 1961, in Alexandria. As of the year 2021, his age is 59 years old.
    2. Ezio’s children’s information hasn’t been revealed yet. However, anyone would to lucky to get his as a father.
    3. Ali Mahdi appoints Ezio Scaglione, honorary consul of Somalia, in 1995, who, from the top of his office, sets up a waste trade.
    4. Scaglione also served as Chancellor of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem.
    5. Meet Ezio on Facebook under the account name Ezio Scaglione.

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