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Who is Herbert Alford Hertz? Wife And Family Facts To Know

Who is Herbert Alford Hertz? Wife And Family Facts To Know

Herbert Alford Hertz: Herbert is an American who was sentenced to 32 years and five months in charge of second-degree murder.

He was arrested in 2015 as he was found guilty of possessing a firearm and killing a 23-year-old guy named Michael Adams. He was convicted of the murder in 2016 and sent to prison for 32 years.

However, Herbert was found not guilty in 2020 after Hertz provided the evidence. It showed a receipt that proved that Herbert was in Hertz, and he made a transaction just after 6 minutes of the shooting of Adams. Hence, he was freed from Prison in 2020.

Alford sues Hertz for failing to produce the evidence in a timely manner.

Herbert Alford Wife

Herbert Alford is a married guy as his wife was the one who fought for his justice.

Having said that, further details about his wife are not available on the Internet.

Is Herbert Alford On Wikipedia?

Herbert Alford is not yet available on Wikipedia.

However, his details are easily available everywhere on the Internet. After he was released from prison, he became a hot topic for all the news sites and is trending all over the Internet.

Quick Facts:

Name Herbert Alford
Age 47 years old
Gender Male
Nationality American
Married/Single Married

Facts on Herbert Alford

  1. The net worth details of Herbert Alford are not available on the web. In fact, no details are available regarding his profession as well.
  2. Alford was arrested in 2015 for the charge of murder. Eventually, he was found not guilty and was released after 5 years in prison.
  3. Herbert Alford is a married man. But, the details of his children and his family members are yet missing.
  4. Currently, Herbert is suing Hertz, a car rental company, for not providing the evidence on time, and he is demanding compensation as well.
  5. Herbert Alford is not available on any form of social media platforms. 

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