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Who is Steven Jenkins SF? Suspect Arrested Over Assault

Who is Steven Jenkins SF? Suspect Arrested Over Assault

Steven Jenkins SF was arrested for the assault of 2 elderly people. Some facts about the man behind the heinous act are presented here.

Crimes relating to Asian-hate have recently surged around the world. Amid the pandemic, American police have taken Steven Jenkins in custody for physical violence against 2 Asain elderly. The criminal allegedly assaulted the people without any cause. 

Why was Steven Jenkins San Francisco Arrested?

Steven Jenkins SF was arrested relating to two Asian-hate crime cases.

In March 2021, Steven Jenkins attacked two elderly Asian people in San Francisco for no apparent reason. The first person was identified as an 83-year-old male victim. As he was fleeing the first crime scene, he again attacked 75-year-old Xiao Zhan Xie. 

Prior to the crime, Jenkins was involved in an altercation at UN Plaza. The police finally arrested Steven later that day. Furthermore, the police first took him to a hospital, reasoning “prior medical conditions”. 

Steven Wikipedia: Bio of the Assualt Suspect

The Wikipedia bio for Steven Jenkins is absent for now. 

Steven Jenkins’s age is 39 years old. He hails from the San Fransico area in American. In the like manner, he also has some medical problems unrelating to the case. 

According to new reports, Jenkins can now face years in prison if found guilty of the crime. He is currently facing four charges: two for assault and two for elderly abuse. Moreover, he can be liable for up to $6000 USD in fines. 

Steven Jenkins Background: Wife and Family

Steven Jenkin’s wife and family remain silent on the case now.

Steven Jenkins is currently facing charges in prison. Likewise, San Francisco County Jail has booked him for now. Moreover, the full investigation of the case is yet to be completed. 

The police have not identified the case as a racial-crime till now. On the other hand, ambulances took both of the victims to the hospital as soon as possible. Though they are in stable condition, they seem pretty bruised and black-eyed. 

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