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Who Is Michigan Sheriff Deputy Sherry Prose? Twitter Post And Facts To Know

Who Is Michigan Sheriff Deputy Sherry Prose? Twitter Post And Facts To Know

Who Is Michigan Sheriff Deputy Sherry Prose? Racist allegations are piling every day on the news and the internet. And the Michigan Sherrif’s deputy is the most recent one to imply racism as she posted Kamala Harris’s watermelon lantern on Facebook. As a result, the Sherrif’s office confirmed that she was fired from the job due to it. 

Name Sherry Prose
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Police Officer

Moreover, Sherry Prose was a retired deputy sheriff who worked as a part-time deputy at the Oakland County Sherrif’s Office after her retirement. However, she has been fired from the job recently. It is because she posted Kamala Harris, who is the Vice President-elect, watermelon lantern. She posted a photo of three pumpkin lanterns implying them to be Biden, Trump, and Pence. But Harris’s lantern was a watermelon instead of pumpkin which black Americans take as a symbol of racism. 

10 Facts on Sherry Prose

  1. Sherry Prose was the retired Deputy who worked at the Oakland County Sheriff’s office in Michigan. 
  2. Moving on, Sherry doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography until now. Not sure if she deserves to have one. 
  3. Understandably, she has kept her personal life conservative. Hence, nothing much is known about her husband and family. 
  4. The former deputy made a Facebook post attacking the Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris. 
  5. Hence, Twitter users have been firing on her by making mean comments. 
  6. In the aftermath, Sherry Prose was fired from her job, as confirmed by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office. 
  7. However, her family has not yet come forward to make comments on her actions. 
  8. But the deputy did defend herself in an interview. She said that she was never a racist and never will be. 
  9. Sherry Prose had been working as a deputy since 1994. She used to be a dispatcher before that. 
  10. Furthermore, she denied everything when she talked with the New York Post. 

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