Wildlandmike Tiktok Age And Instagram

Wildlandmike Tiktok Age And Instagram – Who Is Wildland Mike?

Wildlandmike Tiktok Age And Instagram – Who Is Wildland Mike?

Wildlandmike, from Tiktok, age 28, recently bought a house. He also shared the new pictures on Instagram. 

He is not only a firefighter but a Tiktok content creator. Wildlandmike, also known as Wildland Mike, became popular for his handsome face and wildfire awareness.

Now, his popularity has spread quickly to Twitter, Instagram and even Onlyfans – like a wildfire. 

Wildlandmike Tiktok Age – How Old Is He?

Wildlandmike from Tiktok is the age of 28 years old.

Wildlandmike is a firefighter who rose to fame for his viral videos targeted at debunking myths about Wildfires. He has 216.6K followers with 5.4 million likes in Tiktok.


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Back in 2020, series of wildfires in California engulfed the city in flames. Californians soon started posting videos and photos of the orange sky to show the extent of the fires.

However, many outsiders claimed the fires were lies and myths. Some even began to spread conspiracy theories across the internet. Eventually, experienced fire expert Wildlandmike came to save the situation.

He debunked many false theories from those people. Mike also explained how and why wildfires occur. Over the few weeks, he kept trending across Tiktok with millions of views per video. 

Is Wildlandmike On Onlyfans?

Yes, Wildlandmike is on Onlyfans.

His brain is not the only attractive part about Mike. In fact, many people have complimented that the firefighter looks like Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds. 

After he went viral, fangirls soon started to thirst over the online star. They even left flirtatious comments on his Tiktoks. 

Mike also made a Twitter post joking about the situation. In his tweet, Wildlandmike disclosed that he did not have any girlfriend or partner and that he was single.

Shortly after, Wildlandmike made an Onlyfans debut as @wildlandmike. His bio describes him as “Fire Daddy”. Moreover, he has a verified account and charges around $9.99 USD for a monthly subscription. 

Follow Wildlandmike on Instagram 

You can follow Wildlandmike on Instagram as @wildlandmike. 

He has created a buzz everywhere with 10.2k followers on IG. In addition, his Twitter handle @wildlandmike garners more than 22k followers. 

However, Wildlandmike doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography.

The fireman is a resident of Honolulu, Hawaii. He nicknames himself as the “Oreo King”. With his success, he was even able to buy a new House in Oahu, Hawaii recently. 

Moreover, Mike is a traveller and thus, has done most of the adventures like climbing, skydiving and sea diving. 

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