William Pike Jockey Age, Wife Net Worth And Wikipedia Details 2019

William Pike Jockey: Everything On His Net Worth And Family

William Pike Jockey: Everything On His Net Worth And Family

William Pike is a jockey, but when he was young, he had different plans. Here’s everything to know.

Hailing from Perth, William Pike has been remarked as one of the most successful jockeys. According to Darren McCaullay, no one will ever surpass the records he has achieved.

Reports from the Racing claim that William has a total of 2661 wins. The jockey has accumulated nine Perth riding titles and is nicknamed Wizard.

Meet William Pike Jockey

William Pike is a champion jockey who was born and raised in Coolgardie, Western Australia.

He has never thought of leaving his hometown.

Like we mentioned earlier, that was not the case when William Pike was young. He used to think that he would become an underground miner. After participating in the bush racing carnival, he completely changed his mind.

William Pike Age Revealed

William Pike’s current age is 35 years. Although we are unaware of his birthday, we know that he was born in 1986.

At 35, William has achieved everything a Perth jockey would ask for. He has also occasionally ventured overseas but likes to compete in his state more.

William Wife: Is He Married?

William Pike’s wife is Jessica Valas. According to RWWA, even Jessica is a former hockey.

These days, she has been working as a trainer. She is deeply in love with William and would have still been with him if he was not a jockey. She has also revealed that William likes to have a low-key life. 

Right now, we are unsure about their children. In fact, Pike has never discussed his family life on media.

Pike Net Worth Explored

William Pike’s net worth is yet to come under the radar. However, he has accumulated a total of $93.7 million as a jockey.

In his recent race at WA – Metro, Pike won $68.2 million with a win percentage of 19. He has been trained by Daniel Moton, Adam Durrant, and many more.

William Wikipedia Details

To be clear, William Pike’s bio is not present on Wikipedia.

However, you can surely know about him from Race Net. 

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