William Sotelo Riverside Wife Age And Prison: Where Is He Now?

Was William Sotelo Arrested? Netflix Why Did You Kill Me Suspect Update 2021

Was William Sotelo Arrested? Netflix Why Did You Kill Me Suspect Update 2021

William Sotelo was living with his wife before he got arrested and deported to the USA. 

Recently, his story has been featured on the Netflix documentary called Why Did You Kill Me? The documentary features the murder of Crystal Theobald in 2006.

William Sotelo is one of the suspects in Crystal‘s death. According to HITC, William Sotelo and his gang had mistaken the identity and had killed the wrong person.

Everything About William Sotelo Wife

William Sotelo has not revealed the name of his wife until now. 

According to the reports from Oxygen, they have four children. When William was apprehended in 2016, he was living in Mexico with his family. At that time, he was working as a chili farmer.

What Happened In Riverside?

William Sotelo and his gang had been prominent in Riverside, California, during the early 2000s.

In 2016, an anonymous had shot William’s gang. They thought that a car being driven by 1 24-years-old woman named Crystal was involved. William had driven the SUV involved in the murder of the innocent lady that day.

Is He In Prison?

After being arrested, William Sotelo was sent to prison for 22 years.

However, the main man who killed Crystal, Julio Heredia, has been sentenced to 138 years in prison. All thanks to Crystal‘s mom, who made a fake Myspace account under Angel‘s name to capture William.

William Sotelo Today: Where Is He Now?

Since William Sotelo was convicted in 2012, he is probably having a hard time as of today.

According to The Sun, Belinda Lane called him a coward and cursed him for having a harsh life in prison. Well, her stories are covered in the upcoming documentary, Why Did You Kill Me? She was the one to accumulate all of William’s information from the fake account.

His Age Revealed

We can confirm that William Sotelo’s age is 32 years in 2021.

However, we have nothing to share about his birthday. Despite his bio being present on various local sites, we can’t find him on Wikipedia.

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