Xiao Qiumei Reddit Crane Video

TikTok Xiao Qiumei Death Video Is Going Viral, Have A Look

TikTok Xiao Qiumei Death Video Is Going Viral, Have A Look

Xiao Qiumei has become a Reddit discussion after the crane video where she fell to death. What actually happened?

Just two weeks ago, Hong Kong social star Sofia Cheung died after trying to take a selfie near a waterfall. Now, a similar accident has struck China. 

Recently, a Tiktoker named Xiao Qiumei became a victim of a fatal crane accident while allegedly filimg a stream. 

Xiao Qiumei Reddit Crane Video on TikTok

Xiao Qiumei is trending on Reddit after her crane accident video.

Qiumei recently passed away after falling from a 160-foot tower crane. It is alleged that she was filming content for her social media when the fatal accident took place.

In the now-viral footage, Xiao Quimei falls to death during a live stream. She can be seen talking to her camera from a cabin before the images of blurry crane equipment passing through. 

Xiao Qiumei was a Tiktok influencer (Chinese version) in her country.

She had gained fame after posting videos about her work as a crane operator. As a fact, over 100,000 people already followed her account.

Sadly, she suffered an untimely demise last Tuesday around 5:40 p.m. Likewise, eyewitnesses even entail that she was carrying a phone in her hand. 

Xiao Qiumei Age: How Old Was She?

Xiao Qiumei was aged 23 years old.

The social star looked very young- even younger than her age. She beautiful lady with a petite body and a cute smile.

Likewise, Xiao was apparently a mother of two children. She used to work at Quzhou, western Zhejiang Province in China at the same crane facility where she passed away.

Her death was eventually confirmed by her family. In addition, the funeral has reportedly already taken place. 

However, Xiao’s family maintains that she died from an accident – not from an alleged “internet stunt”. They have denied that Qiumei would have filmed at work hours.

On the other hand, coworkers tell a different story. 

Discover Xiao Quimei on Instagram

Xiao Quimei doesn’t have an Instagram.

This is mainly because numerous websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube are banned from China. However, this hasn’t stopped Xiao from being a hot topic worldwide. 

Xiao Quimei’s falling video has gone viral on Twitter. Similarly, people are expressing different opinions on the subject matter.

While some have expressed their sympathies, others have questioned where to draw the line on social media. The latter group state that accidents like this have become common these days. 

We express our heartfelt sympathies to Xiao Quimei’s friends and family. May her soul rest in peace.

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