Xiaoleung Tiktok Face Reveal, Age, Boyfriend And Instagram

Xiaoleung Tiktok: What Happened To Xiaoleung?

Xiaoleung Tiktok: What Happened To Xiaoleung?

Xiaoleung is a TikTok star who recently deactivated all her social media accounts and some of her close friends say that she doesn’t want to return back as a content creator. Before her TikTok account was deleted, she had earned 2.3 million followers on the platform which was really a proud number for a content creator.

Quick Facts: Xiaoleung Tiktok: What Happened To Xiaoleung?

Name Xiaoleung
Gender Female
Profession TikTok Star, Gamer
Instagram @xiaoleungofficial
Tiktok @xiaoleung (deleted)
Twitter @xiaoleung (deleted)
Youtube xiaoleung (deactivated)
Facebook Xiaoleung

What happened to Xiaoleung? Recently, Xiaoleung was accused of using the ‘n’ word but, in reality, the screenshot was totally fake. She even clarified it via a tweet but after she was bullied on the platform, she eventually decided to end her career as a content creator.

10 Facts on Xiaoleung:

  1. Xiaoleung is a well-known former TikTok star who has never revealed her face until now. However, we have found out from IconicXiann’s YouTube video that she is half-Chinese. 
  2. Well, we have no personal information about Xiaoleung available at the moment and thus, we do not know about her current age.
  3. Moreover, Xiaoleung’s fans are really wanting to know whether she has a boyfriend or not. But since she has never revealed anything about her love life, we do no really know if she is single or is in a relationship.
  4. Furthermore, @xiaoleungofficial claims to be the official Instagram account of Xiaoleung but she doesn’t seem to be very active there.
  5. Along with her age, we are unknown about Xiaoleung’s height, weight, and body measurements.
  6. After Xiaoleung’s TikTok account deleted, her fans have been missing her a lot and are requesting her to come back.
  7. Apart from just TikTok, she had also deactivated her YouTube channel that had 270 thousand subscribers, and her Twitter account too.
  8. However, it seems she is still active on Facebook where she has just 107 fans following there. 
  9. Also, she is well-known as a Roblox player and is recognized mostly for her gaming skills.
  10. Even though we are well aware that she has Chinese ethnicity, we are still unaware of what her nationality is. 

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