Xyriel Manabat Age, Mother Pictures, Scandal, Instagram

Xyriel Manabat Age: 10 Facts To Know About

Xyriel Manabat Age: 10 Facts To Know About

Xyriel Manabat is one of the world’s most rapidly rising child stars, she started her career when she was just 6 years old and has now flourished as an actress.

While she remains one of the most talented Filipino actresses in the world, she was involved in a scandal where one of her photos was bombarded with lewd comments from some of her incredibly nasty followers. The star was quick to say that sexual harassment in any form and time is not okay. 

Name Xyriel Manabat
Birthday January 27, 2004
Age 16
Gender Female
Nationality Filipino
Profession Actress
Parents Michael John Manabat; Dianne Manabat née Bustamante
Married/Single Single
Instagram xyrielmanabat_
Twitter XyrielManabattt

10 Facts About Xyriel Manabat

  1. Xyriel Manabat was born on January 27, 2004, and her age is 16 years old as of September 2020 according to this source. 
  2. She was born to a mother Dianne Manabat (née Bustamante) and father Michael John Manabat in Taytay, Rizal, Philippines. 
  3. Manabat has a huge following on Instagram of more than 356,000 followers. She also uses Twitter and has more than 3,000 followers that she amassed in less than 20 days. 
  4. Her Instagram saw a scandal when some of her followers left lewd and distasteful remarks on the minor’s photo, she spoke out and also expressed disdain against sexual harassment. 
  5. She may be just 16 years old in 2020 but has already worked on more than 28 on-screen projects, her career started way back in 2009. 
  6. Her first series may have been uncredited but she starred in her next one, Destined Hearts.
  7. After this, she got a role in Momay in 2010 which made her a household name in the Philippines. 
  8. On Momay, she had the main role and played the title character for more than 84 episodes. 
  9. Another one of her popular shows is A Mother’s Story an award-winning indie drama film that earned half a million worldwide.
  10. As of September 2020, her last acting job was in 2017. She had two TV series ‘Wildflower’ and Ilawood. 

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