Yasmin Perez Shooting Video Reddit

Yasmin Perez Shooting Video On Reddit – What Happened To Her?

Yasmin Perez Shooting Video On Reddit – What Happened To Her?

Yasmin Perez and her partner were shot last night. The Chicago shooting video has appeared online. Let us learn more about the article.

Yasmin’s shooting incident happened in Chicago Saturday night amid Puerto Rican Day festivities in Humboldt Park. She was the mother of two children. 

Moreover, her husband Giovanni Arzuaga, 24, died on the same day, and Perez, 25, on Tuesday morning. It was devastating news for the world. Mostly, the poor two infants are now orphans. 

Who Is Yasmin Perez?

Yasmin Perez was the wife of Giovanni Arzuaga and also a mother of two infants.

We can see the pictures of the lovely couple on news portals. According to ABC7 Chicago, Yasmin and Giovanni fell in love at first sight and tied the knot with her. They were inseparable for sure. 

Her beloved partner died on the same day, while Yasmin died two days later in the hospital.

Unluckily, the pair died together during a brazen weekend attack.

Chicago Shooting Video Has Appeared Online

The deadly attack has drawn national attention, and the video was surfaced online in Chicago.

According to People, Yasmin Perez and Giovanni were dragged from the car. As per the police reports, they were involved in a minor car crash while celebrating the Puerto Rican day parade.

The killers ambushed them. You can watch the entire video on WGN News.

Till now, there has been no arrest yet in the case. Police are still investigating the case. 

Yasmin Perez On Reddit

As we all know, the shooting is really heartbreaking news for the nation. This news is available on Reddit too.

We don’t have further details about her family now. Police said that the duo was driving in the 3200 blocks of West Division.  

The big question is who will look after the babies. Indeed, Yasmin’s parents will take good care of her children.

As per the source, Yasmin’s boyfriend turned husband was trying to protect Yasmin from the attackers. It was a sad moment, till his last breath, he tried his best to protect his love.

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