Ylowkeyo Twitter Age, Tiktok And Instagram: Who Is Ylowkeyo?

Who Is Ylowkeyo On Twitter? Age And Instagram Bio

Who Is Ylowkeyo On Twitter? Age And Instagram Bio

Ylowkeyo on Twitter is being slammed for sharing disturbing content. Please get to know details on her by reading this article.

Ylowkeyo is an active social media account. She very recently shared very illegal content on her social media platform.

After which, many people are slamming her for such content. Here are some details we know about the estranged social media user.

Who Is Ylowkeyo On Twitter? Wikipedia

Ylowkeyo is an active Twitter user.

It seems like she also uses Snapchat. On June 5, she tweeted that her Snapchat account has been deactivated.

Her handle name is under the username “@ylowkeyo.” Until now, the account has amassed more than 1,636 followers.

The reason behind her account deactivation is her post on illegal content.

She had shared a video related to the violence where a young woman’s head was cut off.

The video features a slaughter of a young girl who was dancing. But her dance only lasts for a few seconds as she was killed brutally.

The video is related to the recent Mayengg03 Death video hoax running wild on many social media.

Many other Twitter users responded to her violent video and slammed her for such negative content. 

Her Twitter account became a point of a target for many, and it blew up in only a few hours.

Ylowkeyo Age: How Old Is She?

Ylowkeyo’s age is not known.

However, from her Twitter, we found out her birthday is on August 8. As per astrology, she belongs to the Leo sign.

Ylowkeyo Real Name

Ylowkeyo’s real name is Jana.

However, we are unaware of her last name or surname. 

She is probably of African descent because a little boy of similar ethnicity is on her Twitter profile.

Is He On Instagram?

Yolowkeyo probably uses the Instagram account.

However, we could not identify her at the moment.

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