Yoel Ramírez Age, Net Worth & Girlfriend

Folagor Twitch Edad: How Old Is Yoel Ramírez?

Folagor Twitch Edad: How Old Is Yoel Ramírez?

Folagor is popular today thanks to his Twitch streaming. Please read below to learn everything about him.

Apart from being a Twitch star, Folagor is also a YouTuber who has gained almost 4.4 million subscribers on his official channel. He is a professional gamer who plays various games, including Minecraft, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto V, etc.

Apart from all those games, his videos on Pokemon are the most popular. He had started his YouTube channel in 2011, becoming one of the first YouTubers in his country.

Meet Folagor From Twitch

Twitch star, Folagor has already earned 1.2 million followers on his official Twitch channel.

However, his bio reveals that he is a full-time YouTuber, and he doesn’t stream frequently. According to him, he has been successful today, all thanks to his passion and energy.

Folagor Edad (Age): How Old Is Yoel Ramírez?

Folagor, aka Yoel Ramírez’s current edad or age, is just 26 years old.

Since his birthday falls on December 9, we are yet to witness him celebrating his 27th birthday. Actually, he was born as Yoel Narváez Ramírez Pulido, in Municipality of Fuenlabrada, Spain. Thus, his nationality is Spanish.

His Net Worth Explored

Folagor’s net worth is under review, but we predict that he is worth at least $2 million.

Since he is one of the first Spaniard gamers, we are sure that his earnings are outstanding. Furthermore, he stands at the height of approximately 5 feet and 10 inches. 

Everything To Know About His Girlfriend

Folagor has been dating his beautiful girlfriend named Sara Freckles.

Sara is herself a YouTuber who has earned over 409 thousand subscribers on her official YouTube channel. She makes vlogs, and we can often find the couple on their channel.

On the other hand, Folagor has shared tons of their pictures on his Instagram profile with at least 473 thousand followers. Also, he is active on Facebook (58 thousand followers) and Twitter (626.3 thousand followers).

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