Yvonne Mooney Paul Mooney Wife Age, Net Worth And Family

Who Is Yvonne Mooney? Everything On Paul Mooney Wife

Who Is Yvonne Mooney? Everything On Paul Mooney Wife

Yvonne Mooney is Paul Mooney ex-wife. Get to know her age and net worth. 

One of the greatest legends of comedy, Paul Mooney has passed away at the age of 79. He died because of a heart attack, as confirmed by his family. The comedian met his demise on May 19. 

In a career that spanned over 60 years, Paul had appeared in a lot of TV shows and movies. He also did standup comedy using satirical humor against racism.

Here is everything you need to know about his wife. 

Yvonne Mooney: Who is Paul Mooney’s Wife?

Yvonne Mooney is best known as the former wife of Paul Mooney. 

The couple tied the knot back in 1973. However, their marriage didn’t work out, and they got separated from each other. They did have four children together, though. 

As for Yvonne, she is a well-known actress and model herself. Yvonne and Paul remained co-workers for a long time as well. Both of them were associated with Richard Pryor. 

Paul did marry again to a woman named Shelley after the divorce from Yvonne. 

Yvonne Mooney Age And Birthday: How Old?

Yvonne Mooney has not shared anything about her age and birthday until now. 

As both she and Paul didn’t have much of an age difference, Yvonne might be in her 70s. But we do not know about her exact age for the time being. 

However, Paul died at the age of 79. We forward our deepest condolences to his family. 

Yvonne Mooney Net Worth And Family: Where is she now?

Yvonne Mooney’s net worth and earnings remain under review at the moment. 

As for her family, Yvonne Mooney did have four children with the comedian. Her son, Symeon, was murdered in 2001. Her other children are Dwayne, Daryl, and Shane. 

Unfortunately, we have no idea about her current whereabouts and her job. She hasn’t been in much of a spotlight after splitting with Paul. 

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