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Zach Steel

Zach Steel

Zach Steel is a Professional American actor best known for the role of ‘Gibson‘ in the television series ‘A.N.T’. He is too a founder of the series. The great actor is also a writer and has appeared in many films and TV series.

The raw and natural acting that he delivers is what the audiences are crazy about. Know more about Zach with some interesting facts below.

Name Zach Steel
Birthday January 27th 1971
Age 49 Years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Married/Single Married
Children Jase, Maddy
Instagram zombiegooseproductions

10 Facts on Zach Steel

  1. Zach Steel is an American actor born on January 27, 1971. The famous actor is 49 years old in 2020. Soon the loveliest character we love is turning in his fifties.
  2. The actor has not revealed his actual measurements in the public. However, by his physical appearance, the actor is about five feet and seven inches tall.
  3. At the present moment, Zach is working as a professor at the USC School of Dramatic Arts. He likes giving ideas and small details that the beginner actor misses to deliver.
  4. Currently, Zach resides in his own house in San Francisco, California.
  5. The striking actor Zach is a married man. Unfortunately, Zach chose to keep the identity of the lucky woman within himself and has not disclosed it in public.
  6. Zach likes writing stuff. The great writer of the hit TV series ‘Book Club’ is none other than Zach Steel.
  7. Despite being the fan-favorite character in ‘A.N.T’, we still do not have to fortune to view the profile of the great actor on Wikipedia.
  8. The idea of the television series ‘A.N.T’ came in the mind of Zach when he saw and got inspired by kids with special talents. This is how he found the great show ‘A.N.T’.
  9. After the huge success of ‘A.N.T’, Zach was offered various shows but Zach did not want to give the same character over and again so he declined them. 
  10. Despite being a public figure, he is currently is unavailable on any social media. Maybe he is not so fond of these internet things!


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