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Who is Zachary Latham From TikTok?

Who is Zachary Latham From TikTok?

Zachary Latham is an 18-year-old Tik Tok star born in New Jersey, US. He is recently caught by the police accused of stabbing and murdering his neighbor. He was first only the suspect taken into custody by police but later he admitted the accusations.

According to a recent article published in the New York Post, he murdered his neighbor only to become famous and get recognition of people. He used to make videos and upload them on Tik Tok in order to get followers and publicity.

Name Zachary Latham
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 1.6m
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Tik Tok Star
Instagram @ _thatonekid_69
Tiktok @c6_zaach

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‚ô¨ original sound ‚Äď c6_zaach

10 Facts on Zachary Latham

  1. Zachary Latham is an 18-year-old Tik Tok star who was recently arrested by the police for the murder of his neighbor.
  2. He holds Ameican nationality and belongs to the White ethnic group.
  3. Zach stands 1.6m tall and has a proper body weight. From his photographs on Instagram and videos on TikTok, he seems to be indulged in the Army.
  4. There is not much information about Zachary’s upbringing and family however after this incident everyone is shocked and stunned.
  5. There is also no information about his private life however he is predicted to have already married. 
  6. Zach is very fond of cars and luxuries which is very evident from the photographs he has shared on Instagram.
  7. As written in an article recently published, the major aim of Zach was to stab his neighbor to death only to gain fame and popularity on Tik Tok.
  8. William Timmy Durham (51 years old) was stabbed on the process of making a video filmed by his wife in order to upload it on Tik Tok and make it go viral.
  9. Zach is seen sharing and posting frequently on his Instagram and Tiktok which has a total of 30K followers.
  10. He doesn’t have his proper identifying profile on the web due to which most of the information is yet undiscovered.

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