Zara Adhisty Niko Al Hakim Kiss Video On Twitter

Zara Adhisty Niko Al Hakim Video Is Circulating On Social Media, Are They Dating?

Zara Adhisty Niko Al Hakim Video Is Circulating On Social Media, Are They Dating?

Zara Adhisty Niko AL Hakim video is getting trendy on Twitter. Are they dating? Find more about their ongoing scandal here.

Twitter got absolute frenzy by the circulation of former JKT48 personnel, Zara Adhisty kissing Niko AL Hakim alias Okin.

From the video circulating, the video was first uploaded by the Instagram account @cintakitkat. Later, the video actually leaked to the public. However, the account no longer exists.

Zara Adhisty Niko Al Hakim Kiss Video Exposed

Zara Adhisty Niko Al Hakim kiss video circulated all over social media. That made many assume they are dating.

With no surprise, Zara again garnered attention after she had stumbled upon a similar video in which she was seen in an intimate body being squeezed by her former lover.

The video, which is short than a minute, shows Zara and Niko in a room and kissing shamelessly on lips in front of the camera.

The intimate video took the internet by the storm which is allegedly the artist Zara Adhisty with Niko Al Hakim. 

This video seized the attention of netizens and stirred immediately on the ranks of Twitter’s trending.

Zara Adhisty and Niko Al Hakim video scandal already hit more than 51K tweets.

Are Zara Adhisty And Niko Al Hakim Dating?

No, Zara Adhisty and Niko Al Hakim are not dating each other.

Recently, Niko Al Hakim was rumored to be dating Steffi Zamora when their intimate video went public.

There are no such reports claiming them being together or dating.

It might be a publicity stunt actually what they are trying. But, the concrete information regarding this scandal or kasus is yet to be made out. 

Everything On Niko Al Hakim Girlfriend Or Wife

Niko Al Hakim was divorced from his wife, Rachel Vennya.

Vennya’s ex-husband Al Hakim went to grasp the spotlight after the appearance of a video of him kissing Adhisty Zara.

Most interestingly, there were some women while AL Hakim was in marital knots with Vennya. Lindsey Leslie Stuart was one of his girlfriends who became hot conservation when Vennya and Al Hakim’s marriage was on the brink.

Several pictures of their togetherness also circulated in cyberspace. People often believe that she was the third person in their household.

Get To Know Their Wikipedia Biodata 

Zara Adhisty has Wikipedia but Niko Al Hakim Wikipedia is still not seen.

As per Wikipedia biodata, Adhisty is quite young and her usia is 18 whereas Al Hakim is 27 years of usia. 


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