Zonnique Pullins Boyfriend, Husband and Baby Daddy Revealed

Who Is Zonnique Pullins Boyfriend, Husband and Baby Daddy?

Who Is Zonnique Pullins Boyfriend, Husband and Baby Daddy?

Zonnique Pullins is a singer-dancer and former part of Girl Group OMG Girlz. She is perhaps most popular as an R&B singer. 

Apart from her career in music, she also became popular for her appearance on the reality TV show .I. and Tiny: The family hustle. She also has celebrity parents and interestingly enough even her stepfather is a world-famous musician. 

Name Zonnique Pullins
Birthday March 20, 1996
Age 24
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Profession Singer; Actress; Model
Parents Tameka Harris

Zonnique Pullins Boyfriend

Zonnique Pullins has been dating Bandhunta Izzy (né Israel James) for the last 2 years as of August 2020. 

He is an upcoming rapper who is quickly becoming one of the most beloved artists in the world. Zonnique is 6 feet 4 inches tall and has established himself as one of the rappers with the most potential in the world. 

Izzy comes from Northwest Baltimore and is known for his introverted personality. He has been recording and publishing songs since his high school days. 

Their relationship started via an Instagram DM and they hit it off after talking for a while. Since then she has become more serious and an adorable couple to their fans. They also frequently partake in PDA. 

Zonnique Pullins Is Having First Baby; Who Is The Baby Daddy 

There have been rumors of her getting pregnant for the last 3 years but she exclusively revealed that she was pregnant with her first child in an August 2020 interview with People. She also revealed that her baby daddy was bf Bandhunta Izzy. 

Zonnique is 5 months pregnant as of August. She also said that it has been a very difficult time going to the hospital in the middle of a global pandemic. 

When she first found out that she was pregnant, she was a little sad because she was not expecting a baby anytime soon. She added that the pregnancy has matured her too. 

The TV personality revealed her pregnancy to her stepfather T.I. on her new millennial show The Mix. 

Originally she wanted to have a boy but she is looking forward to having a daughter after she found out the baby’s gender from her doctor. 

Zonnique has to go to the doctor alone and cannot bring along her boyfriend due to the pandemic. Talking about her life after the baby is born, she says that she will definitely be the strict parent out of them. 

How Old Is Bandhunta Izzy?

Izzy was born Israel James on December 30, 1996, and he is 23 years old in 2020. He is a year younger than his girlfriend. 

He is a Baltimore, Maryland native and has become a local icon because of his rapping career. 

Will Izzy And Zonnique Pullins Get Married?

There is no information on them getting married in the public domain. They are a pretty serious couple, however, and are frequently showing their love on their social media accounts.

Many tabloids have reported rumors of them getting engaged ut the news is yet to be officially verified.  

Previously Zonnique Pullins Dated Another Rapper

Before getting into a relationship with Izzy, she was dating Zoey Zuko. He is an Atlanta based rapper who is 27 years old in 2020. 

Like Pullins, he was also part of a musical group named brAvoATL. The ensemble included Sean Midas and Samurai Leek. 

Zonnique Pullins: Age & Family

Pullins was born on March 20, 1996, and is 24 years old as of August 2020. She had 6 siblings which included 4 brothers Messiah, King, Major, and Domani, along with sisters Deyjah and Heiress. 

Her mother is a famous singer, Tameka Harris and her father is a man named Zeboe Pullins. 

After Harris and Zeboe broke up, Tameka married rapper T.I. They tied the knot on 31 July 2010 and have been together ever since although they did file for divorce once but the case was eventually dropped. 

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