Blessing Olusegun Boyfriend Instagram And Cause Of Death: Facts To Know

Blessing Olusegun Boyfriend, What happened? Case Update

Blessing Olusegun Boyfriend, What happened? Case Update

Blessing Olusegun Boyfriend is making people wonder what exactly happened to Olusegun. Stay with the article to find out more about her death.

Blessing Olusegun was a 21-years-old student from South East London. Olusegun was living at Bexhill, East Sussex, because of work, where she got placed as a carer for one week. Blessing Olusegun was last seen on CCTV at around 1 am.

Blessing worked as a carer for elderly people with mental health issues such as dementia. 

Blessing Olusegun Boyfriend

Blessing Olusegun and her boyfriend were talking on the phone before she died.

Blessing Olusegun is from Greenwich, London, England, and her ethnicity is Balck Caribbean. Blessing’s mother is Esther Abe. The Sussex police investigated Olusegun’s death and kept her parents and family updated.

Many people on Twitter are demanding justice for Blessing Olusegun and her parents as they deserve to know what happened to their daughter, according to Standard.

Was Olusegun On Instagram?

Blessing Olusegun was not on Instagram.

Olusegun is trending at the moment because of the similarities between hers and Sarah Everard‘s death. Sarah disappeared on March 3, 2021, while she was returning from a friend’s place. But Olusegun’s death and Everard’s death were both handled differently.

According to Medium, people are angry that Olusegun’s death got fewer media coverage in comparison to others because of her race. Blessing’s family and the community need answers. The black British community is fighting for the new investigation regarding Blessing Olusegun’s death so that she and her family get justice.

Blessing Olusegun: Cause Of Death

Blessing Olusegun was found dead on a beach on September 18, 2020.

Blessing’s body was found at 6:20 in Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex, UK, with her slippers and phone a few meters away from her body. The Sussex police called Olusegun’s death unexplained.

An autopsy was conducted, where it was established that Olusegun drowned. Many questions were raised, but the police ended up calling the death an unexplained accident.

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