Clay Starbuck Wife Chanin Starbuck Wikipedia: Where Is He Now?

Who Is Clay Starbuck? Where Is He Now? All About Him

Who Is Clay Starbuck? Where Is He Now? All About Him

Clay Starbuck is claimed murderer of his wife and he currently is in prison at Washington State Penitentiary.

Who was Clay Starbuck’s wife? Did Clay murder her? Where is he now?

Let’s discuss everything about Clay, his wife, and their family. 

Clay Starbuck Wife Chanin Starbuck

Clay does not have any official Wikipedia in his name. Clay is in his fifties now. 

Chanin Starbuck, Clay’s ex-wife was a mother of five kids and 42 years old when she was brutally murdered. 

Clay and Chanin were married and divorced twice in their lifetime. they first got married in 1990 and divorced in 2000. They again married in 2006 and remain together before their second divorce in 2010. 

Clay’s other family members are not mentioned yet. The relationship of Clay with his children was very nice. He used to love them.

Where is he now?

After being found guilty of the murder of his ex-wife, Clay is now serving his life imprisonment at Washington State Penitentiary. 

Despite finding the few pieces of evidence of their first son and another person in the murdered area, Clay was convicted and proven guilty.

He was found guilty for trying a first-degree murder verdict and this causes him a life imprisonment sentence from the state. 

Clay Starbuck Wikipedia and Case Update

The murder took place in 2011. Chanin Starbuck was murdered at her residence in Deerpark, near Washington. 

As per the Spokesman review, Clay was accused of her death. Although till 2013 no one was proven guilty for this act. 

In June 2013, Clay was proven guilty of a murder verdict. However, many people assume that she was murdered by some person she was in relation with. 

He was arrested and put into custody in 2013. After proven guilty he was sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of parole by the state government.  Now Clay is in the prison for murdering her. 

Many people including his family believe that he was wrongly charged for a crime he never did. And a movement on Instagram and Facebook with the slogan ‘Free Clay Starbuck” was started at that time.


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