Does Michael B Jordan have A Brother?

Ybkam On Tiktok: Is He Michael B Jordan’s Brother?

Ybkam On Tiktok: Is He Michael B Jordan’s Brother?

People think Ybkam TikTok user is Michael B. Jordan’s brother – Is it true? Let’s find more about TikTok user, Ybkam.

Ybkam is an American TikTok star who rose to eminence for his lip-sync videos to trending songs, different sarcastic voice-overs, song cover, and funny videos.

Recently, Ybkam is getting a spotlight after a video has gone viral where Ybkam was Face Timing Michael B, Jordan and people are going mad thinking they’re brothers.

Meet Ybkam On TikTok

Ybkam is available on TikTok.

As a matter of fact, we can see Ybkam has already accumulated 2.3M followers, and 44.1M likes on his TikTok account. His TikTok videos have definitely made him an online celebrity across the globe.

But, his Twitter account is yet to get known. 

Does Michael B Jordan Have A Brother?

Ybkam is not actually the brother of Michael B. Jordan.

Jordan’s brother is Khalid Jordan and he is not on TikTok.

In addition to that, many rumors were flooding Ybkam being Michael B Jordan as they look similar to each other. Moreover, fans also believed the speculation regarding the Ybkam Face Timing video with Michael.

But, the reality is all those rumors are appeared to be fake. He certainly fooled a lot of people with his video editing trick and techniques.

Ybkam Net Worth Traversed

Ybkam net worth tab is still in the void.

In specific, Ybkam has never spoken about his estimated sum of money. Being a prominent online celebrity, Ybkam has definitely amassed a burly sum of money.

His Parents And Ethnicity

Ybkam’s parents are still out of sight.

Well, Ybkam seems to be reserved about his family member and their history. Thus, he has not mentioned anything about his parents until now. But, his sister has appeared on TikTok videos.

Ybkam ethnicity is still questionable.

And, Ybkam’s real name is yet to get disclosed. He likes to be called by his online name ‘Ybkam.’

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