Esther Jenner Age And Net Worth: Where Does She Live?

Where does Esther Jenner Live? Everything To Know

Where does Esther Jenner Live? Everything To Know

Where does Esther Jenner Live now? Caitlyn Jenner mother lives in Idaho right now.

Esther Jenner is famous for being the mother of Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner.

Caitlyn is a former Olympian who turned into a reality star and made several appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. 

Esther Jenner Age: How Old Is She?

Esther Jenner age is 94 years old as of now.

Caitlyn, in one of her Instagram posts on May 14, 2020, is seen celebrating her mother’s 94th birthday by presenting her with a piece of cake topped with a candle.

Furthermore, she celebrates her mother in more ways than one. 

The Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn and her mother Esther are understood to be pretty close, so much that they speak on the phone almost every day.

Moreover, Esther has supported Caitlyn’s transition and said that it’s just a condition that starts in the mother’s womb, reports The Sun.

What Is Caitlyn’s Mother Esther Jenner Net Worth?

Esther Jenner’s net worth is unknown for now.

We have no idea what she did for her living, but her husband William Jenner was reported to be a tree surgeon before his retirement.

He also appeared alongside Caitlyn at several events in the past but remained out of the limelight.

Nevertheless, we know that Esther Jenner’s daughter Caitlyn has an estimated net worth of $100 million. 

As she is very close with her mother, we assume she takes care of her mother financially as well.

Where Is She Living Now? Update 2021

Esther Jenner is living in Idaho, the United States, reports KTVB.

Other than this, her whereabouts are not mentioned anywhere.

She frequently appears on Caitlyn’s Instagram posts, so we are pretty sure she is doing fine and healthy even at this age.

Furthermore, she is seen on some news every now and then, passing her opinion on Caitlyn’s ex-wife Kris Jenner.

Despite being related as in-laws for over 20 years, Esther hasn’t had the nicest things to say about Kris.

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