How old is Badboyhalo? Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Merch, Instagram



Badboyhalo is a gamer, Twitch star, and also a YouTuber. He is famous for playing Minecraft and live streaming it. Though he is famous for his online name Badboyhalo his real name is Darryl Noveschosch.

Name Badboyhalo
Birthday April 2, 1995
Age 25 years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Twitch Streamer, Gamer, YouTuber
Instagram @badboyhalo_
Twitter @SaintsofGames
Youtube BadBoyHalo
Facebook @TheSaintsOfGames

He is from the United States and he is very famous gamer who is popular for his unique way of playing. He is also seen collaborating with many other famous youtube stars Skeppy ,a6d, and Zelk. His youtube channel is named Badboyhalo where he has gained 751 thousand followers. He is also available on all social media.

To date, he has posted more than 540 videos on his channel. He also has made a server named MunchyMC where he has over 100 players. Many of his details are available online but not much about his personal life is known. On his Twitch channel has gained more than 9.9 thousand followers. 

10 Facts About Badboyhalo:

  1. Badboyhalo is a well-known gamer, Twitch streamer, and YouTuber too.
  2. He was born on April 2, 1995, and he is currently 25 years of age. 
  3. His real name is actually Darryl Noveschosch and Badboyhalo is just his Twitch username.
  4. The net worth of Badboyhalo is currently being investigated and will be known in a few days. 
  5. It has been believed that he has his own merchandise which is sold online.
  6. Badboyhalo has an Instagram account too where he has gained exactly 99.7 thousand followers and is just 0.3 thousand followers away from making it 100 thousand. 
  7. He is of American nationality belonging to white ethnicity.
  8. Badboyhalo’s Twitch channel has gained more than 9.9 thousand followers. 
  9. Also, we can find him active on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter apart from Twitch and Instagram. 
  10. His followers count on each of them are 715 thousand on YouTube, 1722 on Facebook, and 190.8 thousand on Twitter respectively. 

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