How To Use This Time Machine Challenge Filter?

Time Machine Filter TikTok Explained: How To Use This Time Machine Challenge Filter?

Time Machine Filter TikTok Explained: How To Use This Time Machine Challenge Filter?

Time Machine filter is on TikTok and people are obsessed with it. After all, people need just a fun trend to get behind them and this time machine trend is the trend everyone can get behind because it’s so fun.

You photograph yourself using a filter and then gradually it makes you look older supposedly giving you an idea of how would you age. Also, using this filter you can travel back to a time where you would look younger. The results are impeccable and in some videos, it looks like time-traveling is actually happening.

A while ago, an app called Facemash got really famous because it would make an old version of you with very accurate looking results. This filter is also like that but it has a slightly different way of working. This filter shows one getting gradually changed due to age and that’s really cool.

Time Machine Filter In TikTok

As the name suggests, the time machine filter allows you to travel in time. You can travel to the past and look younger or travel to the future and look older than you currently are.


Time Machine (by Snapchat) ##augmentedreality ##effects ##time ##timepass ##okboomer

♬ It’s Time – Steve Aoki,Laidback Luke,Bruce Buffer

This is an example of a time machine filter being used perfectly. This person looks older at first and then looks even younger after that. The filter is really wonderful and realistic because it’s not over the top.

The time machine filter is not a native filter of TikTok. It actually is found in Snapchat but people started uploading themselves traveling through time on TikTok. So, it quickly became a trend. People are using hashtags such as “#timemachine”, “#timetravelling” and “#okboomer” on videos like this.


How you get the filter lens that ages you until old age and gradually turns you ##boomer it’s called the ##TimeMachineChallenge on ##snapchat ##okboomer

♬ original sound – Davison

Say whatever you want, this filter looks like it’s going to be more popular on TikTok. Learn how to use it and upload video yourself so that your video will get famous as well.

How To Use Time Machine Challenge Filter?

Yes, now it’s a challenge at this point. Enough people have recorded themselves using this filter that it’s finally become a trend or a challenge. It’s not a very hard challenge though as you have to just film yourself using an available filter.

If you want to make time machine challenge videos on TikTok, you have to know that TikTok doesn’t have this filter. The filter is available on Snapchat and you will have to make a video on Snapchat first.

These are the basic steps you can follow in order to get the Time machine filter on TikTok:

  1. Open the Snapchat app and go to the main screen.
  2. Press the “smiley face” icon which is at the right of the “camera” button.
  3. Press “Explore” located at the bottom right-hand corner. This opens up a search bar.
  4. Type “Time Machine” on the search bar and you will come across videos that have used this filter.

After making a video, save it on your device. Later on, you could upload the video on your TikTok account and append all the necessary hashtags.

Time Machine Filter Viral On Instagram and Snapchat

Time Machine filter is really viral on Snapchat and Instagram. After all, the lens was originally on Snapchat. People are uploading videos of them travelling through time on Snapchat and Instagram. Eventually, TikTok also saw people using that filter.

This is a cool video. The same guy playing the role of both the father and the son…time machine filter really allowing you to be creative!!

This filter was huge before few years and now it as resurfaced. Some people on the internet pointed out that the filter has slightly changed. However, it still is fun to use.

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