How Tony Smith Killed Her?

Who Is Lilius Landrum? Wikipedia Age And Cuse Of Death Revealed

Who Is Lilius Landrum? Wikipedia Age And Cuse Of Death Revealed

Lilius Landrum actress murder incident is not on Wikipedia. Follow this article to find how her death happened.

Landrum was the victim of a 1998 murder case where her own husband, Tony Rahmel Smith, was convicted.

It was claimed as one of the hideous crimes of the past two decades.

Lilius Landrum Actress Wikipedia Explored

Lilius Landrum Actress Wikipedia is still off the radar.

However, we can find some of the Web portals covering the murder incident of Landrum.

Well, Lilius Landrum was making her an aspiring journey to the world of acting as an actress in Los Angeles in the last years of her life.

Lilius Landrum was 43 years old when she married 23-year-old Tony Rahmel Smith, who was 20 years younger than her. She was Smith’s pen pal while he was in jail, and then the pair met upon his release.

How Tony Smith Killed Her? Everything On Murder Story

Lilius Landrum was killed by Tony Smith by decapitating her head.

As per our researches, Landrum was alive when Tony smith started decapitating jer with a kitchen knife in the basement area.

Most surprisingly, Tony Smith was her own husband. Landrum was killed by Smith on April 3rd, 1998.

Shortly after Smith decapitated her, he put her head in a bucket of urine. Also, he attempted to hide her body behind a furnace. The body was wrapped in a carpet.

Well, he must be a crazy cold-blooded monster for what he did.

Reports also suggest that Smith killed Lilius right after Thanksgiving dinner with her family.

The 1998 decapitation slayer, Smith of Akron, was up for parole in February 2013. He was ordered to stay for another 10 years and will be up for parole again in 2023.

Landrum Family Matters Uncovered

Lilius Landrum’s family had Thanksgiving dinner.

Reports claim that he prayed like devil worshipped while having dinner with her family, over the food so long that night they had to re-heat it.

Before a year of death, Landrum returned to her hometown of Akron to care for her ailing mother.

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