Is SNL Star Married? Family and Boyfriend Facts

Who is Cecily Strong Boyfriend and Husband? Is SNL Star Married Or Engaged?

Who is Cecily Strong Boyfriend and Husband? Is SNL Star Married Or Engaged?

The SNL star Cecily Strong is not married to anyone in 2020 but she has a boyfriend named Jack.

Cecily Strong is a popular American comedian and voice actress who is best known as the star of the American late-night comedy Television show “Saturday Night Live”. She is loved by her fans for her really great sense of humour and beautiful appearance. Her comedy and celebrity impersonations are right on point and really hilarious.

Like many other celebrities, as she has gained much love and appreciation from fans, we fans are interested more in her private life as well. Cecily Strong is tight-lipped about her family and love life. Here is everything we know about Cecily Strong and about her romantic partner.

Name Cecily Strong
Birthday 8 February 1984
Age 36
Gender Female
Height 5’8″
Weight 55-65 kgs
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Actress/Comedian
Parents Penelope and William Bill Strong
Married/Single Dating: Jack
Education California Institute of Arts
Instagram cecilystrong

Who is Cecily Strong?

Cecily Strong is an Illinois native born on 8th February 1984 in Springfield, Illinois, USA. She is currently 36 years old. Cecily is famous for being the cast member of the popular late-night show, Saturday Night Live. 

Apart from that, she has played as an actress and/or voice-actress in many popular Hollywood movies like ‘Ghostbusters’, ‘The Boss’, ‘Staten Island Summer’, ‘The Meddler’, ‘The Bronze’, ‘Awkward Sexy People’, to mention a few. Strong has also appeared in many TV series. 

She had studied Bachelor of Fine Arts from California Institute of Arts and graduated in 2006. This extremely talented actress has also taken theatre performance training from training centers Second City Conservatory and iO Chicago.

This beautiful and talented personality has also been nominated for Prime Time Emmy awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 2020.

Is SNL Star Cecily Strong Married Or Engaged?

As of 2020, there are no plans of this SNL star of getting married or engaged yet. Usually, most of the women of her age get married and settle down with 2 or more children already, but Cecily strong enjoys staying single and she seems to avoid getting close to someone to a level that they become a family.

Actually, her parents are divorced and are not together so that might have set a bad example of marriage on this SNL star. But regardless of her denial to go on a date, her friends repeatedly try to set her up with someone. And it seems like their set up worked this time.

Although the SNL star Cecily Strong is not married or engaged to anyone yet, she is currently dating a boyfriend and is having a happy and loving relationship.

Who is Cecily Strong Boyfriend?

Cecily Strong is pretty tight-lipped about her love life so not much is revealed about her boyfriend apart from the fact that his last name is Jack.

According to some sources, Cecily met Jack in December 2019 at the time of Christmas during a date set up by her friends. They went public about their relationship after two months of dating. Jack is a businessman from New York. He is also an international traveler who has conducted many business transactions in foreign countries like Cuba.

Cecily is really serious about her relationship with Jack. Just recently, her boyfriend contracted COVID-19 and was hospitalized. Cecily was not allowed to meet him so she was in constant fear for her boyfriend’s life and it upset her when she could not get info about his health update.

She also penned an emotional article where she mentioned how upset she is with herself and other people who don’t understand her to need to confirm that her new boyfriend Jack is okay. It was just a few months that she had lost her close cousin brother Owen and her grieve was not over. So it was hard for her to think that she might lose another person that she loved immensely.

Cecily Strong sure proved her strength during that time of pain and anxiety. We hope this lovely couple would get married soon. Or even if she chooses not to marry, we hope that their relationship would last forever.


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