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Roderick Henry Greenfield: 10 Facts on Jeff Toobin’s Son

Roderick Henry Greenfield: 10 Facts on Jeff Toobin’s Son

Roderick Henry Greenfield is a name unfamiliar to many but to those who follow the news, he is synonymous with the affair between Casey Greenfield and Jeffrey Toobin. 

Jeffrey Toobin, a once-respected journalist, and legal analyst has become a controversial figure as he exposed himself in a zoom meeting. He has also been suspended by the New Yorker and has also stepped away from the media.  

Name Roderick Henry Greenfield
Birthday 2009
Age 11
Gender Male
Nationality American

10 Facts About Roderick Henry Greenfield

  1. Roderick Henry Greenfield was born in 2009 as per this source. He is the son of Jeffrey Toobin and alleged mistress Casey Greenfield.
  2. He also has 2 step-siblings, Adam Toobin and Ellen Toobin. 
  3. Initially, Jeffrey refused to acknowledge that Roderick was his son but a DNA test confirmed that he was his son. He was also ordered to pay child support by the Manhattan Family Court. 
  4. His age as of October 2020 is around 11 years old. He is an American as per his nationality. His family is from the USA. 
  5. There is no Wiki page of the family member but you can read all about him in this article. 
  6. Greenfield was at the center of the controversy of Casey Greenfield and Jeffrey Toobin’s affair.
  7. The New York Times reported on their affair and spilled the beans on their affair.
  8. It was a 1,800-word story on their affair which revealed that they had a longtime on-again, off-again extramarital relationship.
  9. Toobin is married to Amy Bennett McIntosh. The two tied the knot in 1986 and they have been together ever since but the wake of the recent scandals has made their marriage rocky. 
  10. Jeffrey Toobin is perhaps one of the best-known legal journalists in the USA. His accounts of the OJ Simpson case was adapted into the ‘The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story,’ drama series. 


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