Kate Reid Chef Age Husband, Lune Croissant Owner Net Worth

Who Is Chef And Owner Of Lune Croissant? Meet Kate Reid Lune

Who Is Chef And Owner Of Lune Croissant? Meet Kate Reid Lune

What is Kate Reid Age? Her age is around the 40s. Continue below to explore the husband and net worth details of Kate. 

Kate is a pastry chef. She is the founder and co-owner of Lune Croissanterie. It is among the famous food venue located in Fitzroy, Australia.

The New York Times had named the creators the best croissants in the world in 2016. Here are some details we know about the owner.

Kate Reid Age and Parents

Kate Reid Lune’s age is in the 40’s.

Just the same, we do not know about her birthday and astrological details.

She grew up watching Formula One with her dad and is a big admirer of car racing.

Reid has a brother in her family whose name is Cameron Reid.

Kate Reid Husband

Kate Reid Lune does not have a husband.

Nevertheless, we can not confirm her being in a relationship. She is yet to reveal her romantic life to the public.

As of now, she is in deep love with cooking.

Her Net Worth

Kate Reid Lune’s net worth is in millions.

However, the actual figures could not be found anywhere.

We might presume that she might make the most of her fortune through her Bakery.

Nevertheless, she is a successful chef, Engineer, and Businesswoman.

Who Is Kate Reid? Wiki

Kate has no Wikipedia page on her name.

She is considered as the one-woman show of the Lune’s Croissants.

It is said that she invented the dish through the reverse engineering process. In fact, Kate Reid herself is a former aerodynamic engineer.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Reid is a graduate of the RMIT University. She has a degree in Aerospace and Astronautical Engineering.

Kate Reid has worked for many car racing companies. She is a former employee of Williams F1.

But had never thought she would end up with a world-renowned bakery.

In an interview, Reid said that her obsession with the croissants she ate in Paris had helped her re-engineered them in her Melbourne kitchen.

As of now, the chef-engineer is serving as the director of Lune Croissantire since 2012.

Meet Her On Instagram

Reid is active on Instagram and calls herself a social butterfly.

She is active on the platform with the username “ms. lune”.

Until today the account has more than 10 thousand followers and growing gradually.

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