Mukhisa Kituyi Wife Ling Kituyi

Mukhisa Kituyi Wife Ling Kituyi – Everything On Children And Family

Mukhisa Kituyi Wife Ling Kituyi – Everything On Children And Family

Ling Kituyi is Mukhisa Kituyi Wife. Learn everything about her family and children here.

Mrs. Kituyi is the Head of Staff Health and Well Being at the UNHCR in Switzerland. She has been serving there since 2015.

Before that, she used to work in response to Ebola at the WHO. As per her LinkedIn, she was also the Chief Medical Officer at UN in Nairobi.

Ling Kituyi: Mukhisa Kituyi Wife

Ling Kituyi is Mukhisa’s wife from Norway.

The pair met during the 1990s when Mukhisa was pursuing his Master’s degree in Norway.

Similarly, Ling came to be known as Mukhisa’s wife recently. Before that, the pair had maintained a private life.

However, after he announced his run for Presidency, Ling and her family came into the limelight.

Her Children And Family Explored

Ling Kituyi has 4 children with Mukhisa Kituyi.

Ivar Makari Kituyi, Sitati Kituyi, Masalule Kituyi, and Laila Kituyi are their children’s names, as per Mukhisa’s Wikipedia bio.

Unfortunately, their son Ivar died in 2015 at the age of 30.

The cause of his death was a diabetic attack.

Moreover, the family seems to share an extraordinary love and respect for each other.

Ling Kituyi Net Worth

Ling Kituyi’s net worth is expected to be in the millions.

However, if we are to be precise about the exact figure on her earnings, unfortunately, the details are off the record.

Nonetheless, we are confident that she is living an opulent life from her career at UNFCR.

Mukhisa Kituyi Scandal: Trending Video Explained

Mukhisa Kituyi is tangled up in a scandal recently.

The scandal began after his exotic video leaked online.

Mukhisa is yet to speak about the case.

However, Boni Khalwale stated that the video about Mr. Kituyi is clearly a setup.

Not only this, but Mukhisa is recently dragged into another accusation of assaulting a woman.

Both the matter are currently under investigation.

However, all of this also seems to be a setup drawn to ruin his Presidential candidacy.

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