Qinxuan Pan Parents Age, Kevin Jiang Murder And Reddit: Was He Arrested?

Was Qinxuan Pan Arrested? Kevin Jiang Murder Case Update

Was Qinxuan Pan Arrested? Kevin Jiang Murder Case Update

Was Qinxuan Pan Arrested? All the details we have gathered on the Kevin Jiang Murder Case have been updated below.

Qinxuan Pan is a prime suspect in a homicide case of Kevin Jiang, a Yale University Student. Pan, the MIT graduate student was allegedly found nearby the crime scene the same night using a broken down car which was reported to be stolen.

He had been interrogated by the police. However, due to lack of evidence Pan was released from custody and had been missing and on the run ever since. The news went global and transcended across all social media platforms including Reddit.

Qinxuan Pan: Age and Family

At the moment, we do not have the exact birthdate of Qinxuan Pan. According to ABC News Chicago, Qinxuan Pan is reported to be 29 years of age.

He is a graduate student studying his second year at MIT in Chicago. At the present moment, there is absolutely zero information on his family background and his origins. We are still working on bringing you the information.

Was He Arrested? Where is Qinxuan Pan now?

Qinxuan Pan is an Interpol fugitive. After his manhunt went nation-wide to the point of INTERPOL being involved, Qinxuan Pan was initially rumoured to be in hiding in Atlanta.

The US government had also put up the compensation of $10,000 USD for information leading up to Qinxuan Pan’s arrest. 

As per the US Marshal’s statement, Pan was arrested on 14 May 2021 in Alabama state.

After months of nationwide search and manhunt investigation, Qinxuan Pan has finally taken into custody. He is currently facing murder and second-degree larceny charges for the murder of Yale University student Kevin Jiang, who was shot and killed in February.

As of now, the reason or the motive for the murder has still not revealed. However, many local, as well as national news source such as New York CBS, has covered up the story of his arrest along with the official statements.

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