Sherwood Blount Smu Wikipedia And Net Worth

Who Is Sherwood Blount Smu And Where Is He Today? Net Worth Explored

Who Is Sherwood Blount Smu And Where Is He Today? Net Worth Explored

Sherwood Blount SMU is featured on a Wikipedia profile for infamous reasons. Learn more on death penalty news.

The late 1970s and mid-1980s are regarded as the worst period for the Southern Methodist Football team. The NCCA decided to give the “sports death penalty” to the whole team for a myriad of violations. 

Among all the officials, Blount is regarded as a key person involved in the scandal.

Sherwood Blount is featured on the SMU football scandal Wikipedia page.

He is an American businessman, real estate developer, and former football player. However, Blount is actually popular for not so good reasons.

Many people remember Sherwood Blount as the key booster that led to the death penalty of SMU football in 1987. To this day, the SMU football team has not fully recovered from the aftermath of the punishment.

Apparently, the NCAA investigation found that a booster had paid a certain stipend to the players. This was only a glimpse of the other violations the Mustangs had committed in the past few years.

One of the main boosters was revealed as Sherwood Blount. When confronted by NCAA, Blount allegedly replied, “I can damn well spend my money any way I damn well please”.

Eventually, NCAA barred The Mustangs from playing any games in a respective season. Likewise, all of the players were granted release from SMU. 

How Much is Sherwood Blount Net Worth?

Sherwood Blount’s net worth was $2,194,800 in 1979.

With inflation, Sherwood Blount’s earnings are about $8 million USD in today’s money. Moreover, his wealth has even expanded within the four decades.

Sherwood Blount is a self-made millionaire. The last time we heard about him, he was still the president of his own real estate firm.

The millionaire had reportedly decided to become rich at an early age. Initially, he attended SMU and played football for the college between 1969 to 1971. 

However, Blount wanted to go even bigger. So, he decided to sell real estate and became a millionaire at just 29 years old. 

Where Is Sherwood Blount Today?

Sherwood Blount lives in Dallas and is the age of 79 years old today.

However, the real estate developer has gone very private since the scandal. Neither does Sherwood Blout reveal about his wife of his family.

A football site named Bleacherreport even named Blount as the 10 Most Loathsome Scourges in College Sports History. Furthermore, there are claims that Sherwood refuses interviews with people.

Apparently, an SMU alumn, Thaddeus Matula, tried to reach out to Blount. However, he denied the request. 

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