Simone Biles Is Not Gay Or Lesbian

Simone Biles Sexuality Is Always On The Spotlight, Is She Really Gay?

Simone Biles Sexuality Is Always On The Spotlight, Is She Really Gay?

Simone Bilesis not gay or lesbian. But her sexuality is always the talk of the town. Here’s why. 

Simone Biles is considered to be the greatest gymnast in the world. Until now, she has accumulated 30 medals in the Olympic and World Championship.

Moreover, she was exceptional in the 2016 Summer Olympics bagging gold medals in all-around, vault, and floor. Indeed, she is an athlete to keep an eye on in the ongoing 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Simone Biles Sexuality Is Not Gay Or Lesbian

Despite rumors, Simone Biles’ sexuality is not gay or lesbian. People have been questioning her gender since her recent photoshoot.

Reportedly, some groups of people were concerned after her latest support on the LGBTQ community. Even after receiving backlash on social media, Simone continued to post more.

Indeed, her fans were supportive of her acts. Many believe that the athlete is an adult and has all the right to do whatever she wishes.

Furthermore, her recent photoshoot was also rumored to be a bad influence on children. However, fans have reacted on Twitter claiming children should be supervised by their parents.

In 2020, she starred with Jonathan Van Ness in an advertisement for Uber Eats. In the video, both wear leotards as Jonathan describes himself as a nonbinary.

Well, the video received backlash on social media. Despite all the negativity, Simone supports the LGBTQIA community.

Is Simone Biles Married To Jonathan Owens?

Simone Biles is not married to Jonathan Owens. However, the couples are in a serious relationship since August 2020.

Talking about Owens, he is a footballer who plays as a safety for the Houston Texans. Currently, the couples reside in Spring, Texas.

Also, Biles and Owens have pet dogs, Lilo and Rambo. Furthermore, they are supportive of each others’ careers.

Since both are athletes, we know that they have an amazing relationship. Often, Simone posts her partner’s pictures on Instagram, where she has around 4.5 million followers.

Gymnast Simone Tokyo Olympics 2020 Update

Simone Biles is competing in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. She is representing the United States for the third time.

Moreover, her games in the Olympics are starting on July 25, 2021. Indeed, Americans have high hopes for their favorite athlete.

According to Sky News, the Olympic star faced sexual abuse in the past. Reportedly, in 2018, she revealed that the US Gymnastics team doctor, Larry Nassar, was responsible.

Furthermore, Simone lived in a foster home in the past. Today, the athlete has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

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