Was Andrew Thompson Columbia IL Arrested? Charges

Fact Check: Was Andrew Thompson Columbia IL Arrested? More On The Charges

Fact Check: Was Andrew Thompson Columbia IL Arrested? More On The Charges

Fact Check: Is Andrew Thompson Columbia IL Arrested? He was taken in custody on the charge of making an unauthorized video in his house. Read to learn more.

Andrew Thompson is a respected teacher or professor who works at Columbia Middle School. Also, he is a baseball coach. 

On Friday, Columbia police took Andrew into custody for making an unauthorized video in his house, reported Business Guide Africa. Currently, he is in the remand home of Monroe County Jail with bail set at $50,000.

While the authorities have made the video recording private at the moment. The crime of filming an individual video secretly is against the law. 

Further details about the school teacher are explained below.

Andrew Thompson is a baseball coach and an energetic athletic personality.

As per his Twitter bio, he is an STL Blues Fan and a workshop and youth leader.

Besides, he serves as a teacher at Columbia Middle School. Whatsoever, the professor is currently under arrest for section 720 ILCS 5/26-4. He will be out of prison after paying the bail amount of $50k.

As per our research, we find out that he is a teacher and a baseball coach. There are no further details of his baseball career at this very moment. 

There is a high possibility that Andrew’s personal information will be revealed soon as netizens are curious to know more about his private life.

Andrew Thompson Was Arrested On Friday In Columbia

The news has been a headline in today’s magazines. He was captured by cops on Friday for recording the unauthorized video of the people in his house.

State’s Attorney, Lucas Liefer issued an arrest warrant on a charge of filming an unauthorized video in his house, police said. 

Although Andrew has been charged, the CPD’s investigation is continuing. Right now, it’s not confirmed whether the video recording was conducted on school premises nor were any juveniles involved. 

Will he continue his job in the school after coming out from jail? We’ll get back to you as soon as the information is out. 

Moving on to his age, Andrew’s age is 29 years as of 2021. Sadly, his birthday is yet to reveal on the web.

Is He On Facebook?

Yes, Andrew Thompson is highly active on Facebook and Instagram with good fan followers. 

As per his FB page, he hails from Illinois, the US. Hence, he is American by nationality.

Explaining his family details, Andrew’s father and mother’s identity is still unclear. He might be staying away from his parents now.  




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