Where Is KC Hunt Going? KC Hunt Leaving MSNBC For CNN

Where Is KC Hunt Going? KC Hunt Leaving MSNBC For CNN

Where Is KC Hunt Going? KC Hunt Leaving MSNBC For CNN

Where is KC Hunt going? She is leaving MSNBC for CNN.

Fans were devasted as KC “Kasie” Hunt disclosed that she will be no longer working for MSNBC. The political reporter and host will be now moving into the CNN network.

This means Hunt is also ending her early-morning show Way Too Early. But, her new journey seems even more exciting. 

Where Is KC Hunt Going? KC Hunt Leaving MSNBC For CNN

KC Hunt is going to CNN by leaving the MSNBC network.

Hunt announced her departure from MSNBC via her show “Way Too Early” on Friday. Fans were shocked as the host stated, “This is going to be my final broadcast with all of you”. 

KC is a part of CNN’s new scheme to expand the network on streaming platforms. In fact, CNN has been recently trying to hire dozens of new staff. 

Apparently, CNN offered KC Hunt a salary of $1 million to $1.5 million USD. On the other hand, MSNBC was reportedly unable to consider her for such high pay.

The reporter is expected to be pivotal in the CNN streaming entrance. Nonetheless, her exact role for the network is kept secret for now.

Is KC Hunt Retiring?

No, KC Hunt is not retiring.

Hunt is just starting her job at CNN. Her contract termination with MSNBC doesn’t mean she is retiring from her job. The 36 years old seeking out better opportunities. 

A resident of Washington, KC, has a long history of switching jobs. Previously, she used to work at the Associated Press as a Political reporter (2011-2013). Prior to that, she also served in National Journal (2008-2010) and Politico (2010-2011).

However, her breakthrough and TV recognition came with MSNBC and NBC News. As a fact, she worked the longest with the network, starting from 2013.

Fans are excited to see what KC will bring to CNN now.

Update on KC Hunt’s Husband Illness and Health issues

KC Hunt is taken by her husband, Mario Mario Rivera.

Back in 2020, KC Hunt’s husband contracted with COVID-19 illness. She even wrote about her experience in a New York Times article. Fortunately, Mario is all healthy and happy now.

Moreover, KC Hunt and her family have been taking vacations lately. 

Mario and Kasie got married in 2017. Mario is a digital producer for NBC News. Similarly, the couple is also parents to a son named Mars Hunt Riveria, who was born on September 4, 2019.

Furthermore, KC’s parents are Bruce and Krista Hunt from Philadelphia. 

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